September 25th, 2003


Hiya... :D

Holla!!!! Let me just say....
and the rain rain rain
came down down down
in rushing, rising rivlets...

Krikies... I woke up to the sound of a hundred million champaign corks pounding the side of the house... er... rain, whipped into a "I sure wish I was a bullet" frenzy.
Things calmed down a bit by the time we were watching Geo huddle under his bright yellow rain coat and his gigantic backpack, hug the curbs up the road to his bus stop.
That, however, doesn't seem to matter to the multitude of drivers who decided that the rain required them to drive at 5 km/h all the way across the city... my commute was 65 minutes...
Dude... that's long. I can see an hour commute on public transit... but driving? ug this is going to be a long winter (first winter working at this location).

K... besides all that... I'm smiling. I'm feeling rather "right" in the world and while life has her fair share of shit to toss across my bow these days, I don't much care...
There is love in my world and as corney as that may be... it's enough for me. :)

~ red ftls...
~ beige dockers.
~ hunter green, short sleeve button up shirt... (and, in case you hadn't noticed the grin, I really like saying "hunter green")
~ shit kicker shoes... no squishy sneakers for me today!! :D
~ set up a bunch of test alarms to exercise templates in OpenView...
~ write a few new change requests for project two... even though it's a "project one" day...
~ finish downloading the BB4 finale and watch it tonight while SURVIVOR tapes (and shut up!!! I vow to not miss one single freaking epi of Survivor)
~ bake another of those Peach things tonight but refine the recipe a bit... I volunteered to do "food" for a "team friday coffee break" thing... so... I get to bake :D
~ I had not messed the bb4 taping last night... I want to close off that show from my mental processes... :D two weeks from now, I won't remember any of the players...
~ that people get a clue about email scams... Please consider this a public service announcement: Microsoft will never ever email you a patch for your operating system... Nor will eBay ever send you an email with a field for entering your username and password... gah!!!!
~ that today (or tomorrow) brings a healthy little baby into the world of my lj friend maggie. All the very best wishes go out to you and Shawn... :D
~ for the "unstress" gods to visit mellusions
~ and that my sweet friend willedit finds her little Hobbes... a little lost kitty... :(

I have been listening to Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs (Bill Graham) a bunch lately as he gets sound bites while the country grapples with several Middle East issues... Samson just released from a Saudi Jail (tortured) and another guy (Maher Arar) that the US deported - despite his canadian citizenship and passport - to Syria where he now languishes in a political criminal jail (more torture)... This Graham guy? what a complete fucking moron. How many times will we have to listen to him say "everything is fine" and "the (i.e.) Syrian Government has assured me... " before someone puts a pie in his face and gets his pathetic ass up against the wall for a sound bull-whipping? Shame...


okidoki... a busy night ahead... and believe me... I will move heaven and earth to properly tape survivor... ('cause I don't want my first tattoo to be a giant freaking L on my forehead).

but first... lovely traffic jams and sunbeams... wohoo... gah!

but before I go...

Just a couple of Birthday wishes...
and they're both late!! :D

Yesterday was lothie's birthday... I met her in the Package Gang community. That was an event that opened up my eyes to a whole new way of appreciating the possiblities of a place like LJ... Happy Birthday Mimi... I know you won't see this... but nevertheless... I hope this year brings some stability and some well earned rewards to your world.

Happy one-day-late Birthday to emily as well. You've got so much... what could I possibly wish for you... oh I know...Emily, may you find yourself up to your knees in the love of good friends and strangers... and may that love always be a comfort and never a burden. Have a wonderful year sugar. :)
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Recipe time!

k... just about burned through a 10 kg bag of all purpose flour.
oddly enough... I'm impressed with myself. :)

Recipe Time

So... (for my own sake) here's the recipe for that Peach Upside Down Cake thing... :D
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