September 24th, 2003


Hump day? goof day!

Yeah... goof picture day...
The more "Normal" (*hahaha like that's ever happened) picture for the web site...
[ :: is right here - all smiles :: ]

And I'm sending out a big BIG hi-how-are-ya-smile to my precious friend tonya who is on an absolute "run-up" to her wedding day... 9 days to go! :D

er... go to txgirlie's journal and look at [ :: this post :: ] I love that picture... (it's a nemo sushi picture... ahahhahaha)

~ black and gray striped ftls
~ cream p-z cargos
~ k-cole shirt.... with the goofy zipper thing on the shoulder.
~ AND RUNNING SHOES... I totally goofed this morning... I was distracted by stuff this morning... and for some reason... I put on my sneakers... I NEVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE... I've never been to work in my running shoes... ever!!!!! man... and I didn't even notice till I got in the elevator... you know, one of those 360 degrees of mirror jobs... bang... "what the hell? Oh crap" :D I will avoid all client / boss facing situations today... :D
~ project one day... plenty to do... must sort out a few more issues with HP Openview importing a config from another OV host.
~ lunch date with half the office at a local roadhouse to say "see ya" to a coworker... mostly 'cause I never do stuff with the new coworkers and I ought to integrate a little more... :D
~ BIG VCR NIGHT... West Wing and Big Brother finale both on at 9:00 ... two vrc's will be whirrrrrrrring away ... oh and "the Brotherhood of Poland, NH" debuts tonight... it kinda looks like it might be funny???? There's even a new Enterprise on tonight... but alas...
~ hmm... well first and foremost I wish like hell there was a way to grab the hands of a clock and turn 'em back to fix the dumb fucking shit you do when you let your emotions get the better of you...
~ that one of my radio diva's (amyaustin) put's out the trash today! go you!
~ that kumi has fun at casino night...
~ to tell ma sugar kimberly27616... that I totally understand. :)

//mini rant
Virus Software: I listened to a guy on the radio being interview as I drove to work... he's heading a class action suit against The Mother Ship (Microsoft) about the inherent security flaws in their product dating back to win98. I burst out laughing when he commented that MS needs to bundle virus protection and a firewall in their product... I mean, ok... they sorta bundle a firewall in XP but how long was MS in court over "bundling" in software with their O/S??? and everybody lined up to yell at Gates that he needed to stick to just distributing the O/S and leave other stuff out? hahaha... I'm no big Microsoft Apologist by any stretch... Linux is my personal server of choice but my desktop is XP and I like it... don't much care if other people don't. I'll like the next version too... just 'cause a server is business but a desktop is a toy. Backup your data and enjoy play time. wohoo... All of that being said... I don't get the notion of everyone slagging on MS for the security holes... That's sorta like blaming Smith&Weston for the criminal that blows yer head off... Sure they could do more for securing their product... but blaming them for all the little fuck nuts that while away their nights figuring out how to hack? Hackers will hack... and they will visibly hack whatever is the most prominant... and MS is the "proboscis"* of the computing world. Even if the US passed a law to make it legal to publicly draw and quarter convicted hackers ... and even if MS bundled Black Ice From Hell firewalls in the O/S ... hackers will still hack. period.
//all done.

* I got to say "proboscis" in a sentence... !! and !! it was a metaphor... cool.

Have a great Hump day yo... and do something goofy. :)
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and the whirrrrrr of vcrs is just about over... BB4 and West Wing... a finale and a begining... kinda cliché huh. :D

time to go have a chat with the admiral and settle down with some fresh java, a pen and paper and watch BB.

See ya. :D

k... yes I am a little over the top on this... tough...
calmness is vastly overrated and being "collected" is for wimps.


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no really... you just cannot imagine.

indeed... I taped the wrong channel... I'm not sure how this is possible... but it was on the "other" vcr and blah blah blah... yuppers... the bb vcr gods get the final kick at me.

note and EDIT: I just found out that I did in fact tape the proper channel... however, THEY DIDN'T CARRY IT... even though they carried every episode so far this season... their other affilated station carried it... FUCKERS.

To be downloaded tomorrow night. crap.

Now... West Wing is rewinding... I hope... hahaha... geez.

xrossing fingers that WW taped...

(ps. it's ok to laugh... )