September 23rd, 2003



ack... just feeling a bit flipped over today... must be all that sleep. :D

I'm thinking about making a giant (no really... freaking HUGE) sign and putting it on my lawn to lament the lack of a public school in our neighborhood, the lack of a plan to build one and the plans to continue expanding the number of homes... kids everywhere... but bussed across town to a school built to host 200 kids that has like 500 kids now... can you say "Portables"?? There's a lot of reasons for this pathetic situation... one is that there are huge ass lobby groups that keep the municipality from closing schools in downtown communities that are at like half empty because kids don't live anywhere near them, hence they are a waste of scarce money and the bigger (IMHO) issue... that there is a School Board, a French School Board, a Catholic School Board and a French Catholic School Board????????? You need four school boards to run a bunch of schools in one city? how fucking stupid is that? Oh they all get big fancy ass buildings and all the trustees and managers and superintendants and whatever... all of whom have to have secretaries, etc... but my kid still has to sit in a class of 30 kids and eat his lunch on the floor... The school system sucks... everybody knows this... why don't they do anything about it? Schools are the ovens that we bake our futures in... and we're burning the cake.

~ blue ftls
~ dk green dress pants... little cuffs n'everything...
~ black t with a green sweater...
~ ahhh I have a writing assignment from the boss... that's the morning right there...
~ get a package ready for the post office...
~ tonight?? no idea really... we have a movie but I forget what it is...
~ that all my vcr demons get lost for tomorrow... I have three shows that need taping tomorrow night!!! :D
~ for peace love and understanding to wrap itself around sweet ladyfire
~ that my sugar-pixie (pixiecup) get's herself a whole big whomping mug of anymore... evermore... andsomemore... anymore... moreany... anymoneymore mo-bedda-anymore. :)
~ for the gods to smile on my pal kimberly27616 and let her day be... a great day.
~ to say a fond farewell to Gordon Jump!!! Mr. Carlson on WKRP.... man I loved that show. I'm even giggling as I think about it... :D Remember when Fever tells the geriatrics that bust into the studio that he's "killed old people before and that he's not afraid to do it again" aaaahahahaha... Good night Gordon. Rest in peace...
~ that all kinds of things, including ear infections, get better for dorkgirl!!

Love is complicated...
Love is pathetically simple.
If you're going to love... do it with gusto.
Be unconditional about it... and live it.
Light up your heart and set the world on fire.
Don't hold back...
I mean... why?
There is so much more to be gained from a love without bounds.
And so much to lose if you let it slip from your fingers.

ps. I brought the peach thing in... zoom on the gobble gobble thing... my cube mates like it... :D I have one wee piece left to have with coffee.

pps. that love thing... just words to think about ... not some cryptic thing.
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are you ready steve, andy, mick?
alright fellas... lets go.

black leather pants.
Three great flavors that go together sooo well.

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From who* did I download a short video of "tod and emily" swing dancing yesterday???
that was fantastic and I can't remember where I got it!!!

Help. :D

* er... from who? from whom? whatever ok!