September 22nd, 2003


Hiya... :)

So ... there was a "focus on the family" conference in Toronto this weekend... sounds almost like either a "good thing" or a cover for a bunch of nazi's...
Now, along those lines... consider this; In a movie I've been crushing on... (baron munchausen) Robin Williams plays the King of the Moon who has a detachable head... he looses his body and is happy about it because he hates his body and in his delusions he fancies himself King of the Universe. He refers to himself as Omnipotent... and then gets an ichy nose. No body... no scratching fingers Cap'n Omnipotent. Yeah... so chick at 'focus on family' conference comments that now that she has abandoned her "gayness" she is wearing an actual skirt and nylons and realizes her past relationships were not true love and that her real love is for Jesus Her Saviour... and I gotta say... I hope you don't get an itchy nose.

some people call me the space cowboy
some people call me the gangster of love...


~ red stripes ftls
~ dk blue dockers...
~ gray t and my fav v-neck txt sweater.
~ project two day... must zero in on some reports...
~ find time to sort out time sheet stuff...
~ write about bb from last week... missed an update there. :D
~ flowers... it's always good to have flowers on your mind come monday morning.
~ find out more about door-to-door... my dad told me about that ages ago... but it never stuck. Now, of course, it's the hot-pocket.
~ eating something really peachy...
~ I had more answers to my own issues...
~ that today ushers better events for haela than she expects...
~ lakme has a jungle love'en good time in NY...
~ that today, at work!!! goes great for my precious soon-to-be-wed friend tonya!!! :D
~ for passerine to ged-bedda-wheel-soon... obay?

Do you have the key?
You know that when you open that door, like pandora, you will have to carry that ever afterwards.
Is it better to not have the key? or to have it... know it's power but not use it?
Or is that just fucking stupid?

Go and click a friends jounal and smooch 'em today... that'll be more fun than trying to understand that last bit... promise. :)
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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

The Non-Show Show

Here’s where we pay the price for Scott being off his meds and getting his nut-bar self ejected from the game... a week with reduced shows and a show that actually contains about 37 seconds of actual content. Wohoo...

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a little bit of mambo....

Happy Birthday time...

September 20!! Happy slightly late but not one bit less enthused... Birthday to velcro_girl...
May you have a wonderful year with your newest addition and find good health and boundless love in your family.

September 21: Happy Birthday moonmama
Indeed... Happy B-day Sugar-soph... I hope this year brings you to places in your heart that free you from the panic of lifes little challenges and that you are strengthened by the support of your family and friends.

September 21: And to Sweet Kris!!! Little Lego Minded Miss... darl'en misskris
Great things have come to your world in the last year and I do hope that the next year of you colours in the pictures of your life piece by ever loving piece. It is maybe silly but definately deeply felt... the sense of happiness for the way things have twisted for you. I don't know if you'll see this... you are so much not here... but that only means you're out there living!! So go you! (and while have been lax on the up-take.. ketchup chips will in fact arrive!)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear... Jess, Moongirl and Kriss!!! Happy Birthday to you.... :D