September 20th, 2003


Survivor 7 Update!!!

Survivor VII : Pearl Islands

I Lied... Get Over It.

Wherein... a surely gang of cut-throat marketing execs (hell bent to flash bum cheeks), a cave man, various tarts, and assorted wannabes get wet and nasty as Pirate Probst chucks the lot of 'em into the salty waters surrounding the Pearl Islands in their fancy clothes. It’s down to business in a world of pirate booty, big lies and silk ties. While "young dumb and full of cum" may describe some o’the pirates, "evil overlords and the slaves that hate them" describes the rest.

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ni ni...

so today... it's what? 1:54... is done. :)

Tomorrow morning will be marked with Baron Munchausen and the kids... while I try not to drool as I sleep on the sofa. :D

It's computer free day tomorrow... so I'll see ya on Sunday. :D

Big Brother was the evil rip off show... thanks to the "expelling" of Scott (way too many bolts needed tightening on that boy).

Me? still in my happy place... :)

I've got this "get DVDs bug" festering inside me... evil that.

k... must sleep. Have a great weekend.