September 19th, 2003


Hoist dem sails lad... there's pirate booty to pillage.

ARRRRRRGGGGGG It be pirate talk'en day... but why stop at talk? Rape'en and Pillage'en sounds like a plan too!

Grrrr... an'do you think Mr. Lastman will be calling out the national guard to shovel up all that water in Toronto? I mean... it's a lot of water... could be a Toronto Emergency... :D

Today is a day of Mighty Wind... and absolutely nothing warm. So I'm just say'en... I get to wear a sweater... I get to wear a sweater... I get to wear a sweater... wo-freaking-hoooo! :D

~ red stripe-ee ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: yup yup... never seems to escape from the base behaviours :: ]
~ strong-bad shirt
~ blue notes sweater... me likes!
~ to stay awake... and this will be hard...
~ quick meeting with boss o'project two (every friday morning)
~ write about BB4 from Wednesday night...
~ write the update for Survivor (which was, btw, an absolute blast !!!!!!!!!! <-- please not the "many exclamation points!!!") :D
~ and a day ahead of scrambling to finish reports... gah!
~ tonight? BB4 is on... so I'll tape/watch that... I hope... hahaha..
~ that dear kattaryna manages to keep a civil tongue in her head today... wouldn't want to scare them old people yo!!
~ with all my heart that the future holds some answers for ladonne... pain is... well, ... a pain.
~ to point out that the concept of highschool hazing activities... around sports teams... is one of the most pathetic excuses in the universe for stupid people to do dumbass things. I am quite confident that I would have put a bullet in the head of any fuck tard that tried to do any of the shit kids do to the "new guy on the team"... hence... my lack of participation on team sports. :)
~ for good health to sneak back to zen2475... before the weekend!!!
~ an'I'm just say'en... I'd freaking love to spend today in my pj's... like cherripop212... lucky duck. :D

Now ya lubbers... if'n you be think'en dat dis Isabel gal is all blowed out then you've hardly been pay'en tention to the way of world... Don't ya know by now... a woman that comes to you full of anger and wind will no doubt leave just the same way... and there will be debris. I say bonk her on the head and trow 'er in the back of boat for deal'en wit later. If she won't treat ya well... at least ya can put to work clean'en up... wench. Now it's time to chart a new course to dat treasure... where's me map... arrrrrrgggggggg....

Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Threats will get you... nowhere.

Rob, in yet another genius moment, goes for one-on-ones with each girl to say that he’ll ensure they come in second if they vote him out tonight.... So, of course they get all scared and begin to fear him... NOT.

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