September 18th, 2003


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yeah... I did it again.

bb is channel 13 at 9:00 and 18 at 10:00.
So I taped 18:00 at 9:00... go me.
or kill me... s'up to you.

~ loads up news-shark and waits for the show to be posted...
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Morn'en... :)

Catching geo in mid-hambone... :D

It's a sunny beautiful day... with weather predictions calling for a decidedly summer-ish day ... of course tomorrow will be a completely different story with the Isabel remnants trailing through. However, for now... it's sun, blue sky, and wispy clouds. I was noting, on my commute home yesterday, that I've always lived in the "west end" ... as does my whole family... even my extended family... and as much as I love where I live... living in the East End would provide for a much better commute. As it is now... I drive to and from work DIRECTLY into the sun and it really does suck. You might think that the darkness that descends upon us in winter ... darkness that settles over us by like 5:30 pm is a saving grace... but you would be wrong... it just means that the great ball of fire is directly over the hood of my car as I drive home. It's quite bizarre actually... the sun sets at the "end of the road" when you drive west on the local main highway...

~ blue ftls
~ another brand new pair of comfy foot squishy sox
~ beige dockers
~ hunter green shirt
~ watching the VCD of last nights Big Brother 4 show that is encoding and burning as I type... but not till tonight. damn I've muffed the vcr action on this series of BB so often I could just spit!
~ taping (yeah, I kinda triple checked and I've got two other friends taping it incase I fuck this up too) Survivor tonight and watching it with Z and the admiral (bwaahahahaha)
~ keeping up on my monitor all morning... (thanks beachdog) watching Isabel make landfall... if you know of any other cams on the storm... let me know...
~ and watching my friend ... the magnificent sugar-kriz (krizsa) sleeping in... (there's something really directly-up-my-voyeuristic-ally about sleep cams... ) (note: krizsa's server just died... rats)
~ killa documentation day... for both projects... me - document reviewing maniac.
~ I hadn't messed up the BB taping last night.. kinda screws up my schedule... :) hahaha...
~ that darl'en Kimbers... kimberly27616 in North Carolina ... has found high ground...
~ I actually understood the concept of the "Wild Card" in pro sports... is it diff between baseball and football... is there a wildcard spot in Hockey? me = confused (big surprise)
~ for a few things I can't mention but ... but... ah crap... never mind.
~ to give a massive VH5* to kristylicious on the living arrangements thing... :) :D :D
~ that I don't scare away the new friends I've made lately in lj... I mean, I can't imagine how all you all put up with my crap day after day... but I'm glad ya do. :D squeeeeze.

// sarcasm reigns supreme
The homosexual member of parliament and his damn amendment to the Canadian Hate Laws is really being a pain... I mean, how can anyone justify interfering with all those ministers that want to slag off on all the queers to their congregations... you know... tell'en 'em what's right and wrong and just how wrong mining the bung hole is, let alone the highly unfortunate pairing of four boobs in one relationship... Isn't it enough that we protect our population from the hateful speech of people that talk to public forums at the expense of people based on their gender, race or colour... now he wants the law to protect people based on their sexual orientation... What's next? Geez... they'll be wanting to get married and have property rights... Nope, those good ol religious boyo's with their impeccable records, pure souls and single minded dedication to he-who-must-not-prove-his-existence really need to protect their right to continue leading their mindless sheep on the path to righteousness.... and that can't happen if they can't hate homosexuals... out loud... in public...
// fuckers...

* virtual high five