September 17th, 2003



What a great night...

Dinner was done and cleaned up by 6:30 and the boys entertained themselves with friends outside until 8:00 and Z went to my mom's "juried art show" with her Mom... and I frogged around with my MIL's computer.

Kids ended up in bed at a good time, although they have amazing staying power for the "i can't sleep" game... - and they get up early!! sheesh.
And I finished the geek stuff... and I even managed to burn a few cd's that need to hit mail boxes tomorrow.

Posted the Survivor pre-show into my web site and made the templates for the show updates...

Big Brother was classic... and the guy I was root'en for won Canadian Idol... (not sure if the time lag means west coasters in Canada don't know the winner yet... So I'll not say... )

a busy night... but things are good... so I'll take "busy" over things sucking any day. :D

Tomorrow is a big day in my world of Lj... and if I could, I'd be arranging for Street banners to line the roadways of Burbank California tonight wishing a precious friend the best of birthdays.

Now? it's bed time... a book and many z's...
ni ni... :D

It's a birthday day!

Happy Birthday kristylicious!!!!
~ Today is Kristy's birthday... Kristy has pretty well been an angel on my shoulder for three years... today does not get past me!! :D

[ :: This is Kristy :: ] --- these are pictures... click them. ---- [ :: and so is this! :: ]
Yeah, so are you with me on the whole "Kristy is an Angel" thing? she's soooo purty... :)

Sweet Kristy-girl... please accept my most sincere wishes for you to have the year you have earned over these last few... You have paid dues... and carried yourself with so much class I could about explode with pride at the notion that we are friends. It warms every part of my sometimes-way-too-emotional self to see such happiness in your life. Let the 'ritas flow... let the love shine and may you, Zack and Ron have the very best celebration this year. My wishes for you are without boundries. (:D) and my love will always be somewhere in the bottom of one of your pockets sugar.

~ black ftls
~ uber comfy brand spanking* new sox.
~ dk blue dockers
~ pale blue... even kinda got a hint of gray green in there... kenny cole thing with the zipper on the shoulder.
~ stomping shoes...
~ project one day... this means HP OpenView till I want to scream...
~ write about BB4 from last night...
~ find Fleetwood Mac's "monday morning"... just 'cause...
~ fax a crap load of shit off to various creditors to set up new bank PAC's
~ see my banker at lunch to lock in my mortgage for a year at... (dig this) 3.05% hahahaha... that's an amazatron number yo!
~ that my friends in all the cities ranging along the east coast and low country inland... have managed to arrange a visit with uncle bob that lives on that mountain... or sumthin...
~ personally, I'm blaming that storm on the Canadian Alliance Party... it's all their fault... now lets all hope the wind falls out of isabels sails... just like we're hoping will happen to the Alliance dorks.
~ that an adorable and dramatically happy woman in North Carolina... kitiara has a great day... and you know... fish ... guns... it's all the same... Although nobody is going to be prying a fish out of Moses's cold dead hands...
~ and hey Jer!!! me... wishing circlek has a better day that he expects...

Same sex marriage... religious freedom to hate... the Canadian Alliance party... er I mean, Rat Bastards From Hell... all building up mental steam for a rant or two... but time is holding me back... :D Lucky you. hahaha... but don't be lulled into a false sense of saftey... I'll be back later for this!

Gotta jet... see ya muchachos et muchachas.

* spanking... I got to say spanking... weeeee</small)
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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Boys Make Good Pets.

That title is from the shirt Jun was wearing in a game played on the show. So it’s Alison, Jun and Rob... The Devil, her hoe and the worlds stupidest man all spinning deals worth nothing and trying desperately to be just a wee bit slimier than the other... At some point this stops being fun, and when that happens I’ll let you know. For now... I’ll continue to enjoy watching the lowest humanity has to offer fight for blood money.

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Z makes a habit of marking little notes on the mini-white-board on the fridge (that we normally use for grocery stuff) on things of interest that the kids say.

I just noticed that it now reads;

E: Is it Grans birthday?
z: Yes...
E: how old is she?
z: 74
E: is she older than Dad?
z: oh yes... much.
E: Then why does she have so much more hair than Dad?


Ok... I'm so completely exhausted ... it's what? Wednesday? Hump Day? bah... it feels more like "stomp-yer-feet, push-you-over and pound-on-ya" day. The BB tape is pending and then it's gotta be bed before it becomes crazy late. Maybe... just maybe I can get to bed before 1:00.

oh yeah... and I think thatthingido is radiant. Nice word that ... "radiant". :)