September 14th, 2003


scratch... :D

Mooo... er... I mean, morning....

~ red ftls
~ my new most favourite pants... well, pj bottoms ... [ :: these :: ]
~ but not for long... showers next.
~ er... shower.
~ finish making this big geezus cake... more on this in a sec.
~ be lazy...
~ write a pre-show thing for survivor
~ go to MILs for a family birthday thing... (hence... cake)
~ It wasn't a million fucking degrees here... AC is on but it's only just gone on! It's evil right now... sweaty and icky.
~ to send some good vibes to my friend daikan and her smarty pants family! :D
~ that tonya gets to hold her hand up and say "talk to the hand yo!" and do a really good hauty posture.
~ I could see nbbmom in her boots...
~ and warm up a little paperdoil... :D

Yeah, so I made two mirangue layers last night... not sure how they turned out... it was really very humid out. This morning I made the two layer pans (each gets cut to make two layers each... And this'saft its all about making custerd and icing and 6 layers of crazy chocolate goodness... there will be pictures. :D

Yesterday worked out not-quite-like-I-hoped... we didn't get to rock climbing... although geo did but that's another story for later. But Saturday was whicked busy, and really nice day.

Have a great Sunday... and pray that the cake turns out!! :D


hmmm... remember I mentioned flowers at some point last week?

Yeah... I came home with these that day... [ :: roses :: ] and that pic was taken this morning.
I'm rather surprised how long these lil pretties are staying nice... :D

So yesterday... Edward went to a neighbors little boy's birthday party at the Museum of Tech... Simply loads of fun for a 5 year old. :)

Geo went to this place called "Cyberdome" with was pretty much an arcade with a mini put... except they also had;
[ :: LASER TAG :: ] which Geo just loved!!!
and they had a climbing wall!!

[ :: ready :: ]

[ :: set :: ]

[ :: go! :: ]

He did surprisingly well considering how quick he is to get scared silly... (like his ol'man)

Any ways... Z and I managed to go out for some lunch and do some shopping while the kids did the birthday party zone... and we had chicken tacos (soft) a la corto for dinner and stayed in... We watched "The Core" ... wow... very silly... and fun in an Armageddon sorta way.

Survivor 7: The Pre-show!!

Survivor VII : Pre-Show

Pirates and Their Booty

The Pre-Show moments... and the Pearl Islands are all about pirates! Arrrrg Me Matey! That's Pirate Pete, and he's Pirate Joe... one does the limbo and the other does the hornpipe!

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anyone? virus (I think) question:

I recall a virus... very recently, that resulted in a pc reporting "failed RPC" for almost every "setup" related effort on a windows system...

Any bells going off for anyone that can lend more info on this?

cake time...

It's all about the cake... I mean, a sunday morning, with some good movie filling the family room... the children running up and down between playtime in the basement, drinking in some of the movie or *gasp* helping me... is a great time to make a cake. It's almost a form of meditation.

I started with this mirangue thing last night... but I goofed it up.
The mirangue... choco mirangue - btw, did not come out... and, in point of fact, balled up and squished quite nicely... it's the lump between the two cakes in this first picute;

[ :: the cakes just out of the pans... :: ]

mmk... so I cut each cake in half... horozontally, with a bread knife and make four layers. Chocolate butter cream filling on the first layer...

[ :: Choco butter cream :: ]

and then add a layer and scoop on strawberry cake filling. Z made it last summer and it's yumm!

[ :: Layer two... :: ]

I put whipped white icing on the next layer...

[ :: Layer three :: ]

and topped it all off with the last layer of cake and poured warm butter-caramel icing over it so it runs down the sides... and sprinkled cocoa and icing sugar...

[ :: Layer four :: ]

[ :: click the thumb below for the dressed up version :: ]

Then, because it's a birthday cake... I gotta do the decorating thing... and I suck... deal... :)

[ :: Cake decorating 101 :: ]

[ :: Ta da... :: ]

And we ate it tonight with the family at my MILs house...

Here it is fulfilling it's cakey destiny! :D