September 13th, 2003


ni night..

well it's just about "click" time...
(the sound of my pc turning off.. :D)

computer free saturday looms... we'll be zooming kids to other kids birthday parties, at museums and a place called "The CyberDome!"... sounds fun.
Z and I hope to actually make it to Vertical Reality... to climb some walls and if we can firm up babysitting... dinner and a movie.

Could be a good Saturday. :D

I've been dressing up my web site ( for the Survivor run...
and trying to get myself linked on other survivor web sites...
(hint: if you frequent a survivor site... ask 'em to link me! :D)
A banner and code for the link is [ :: here :: ]

I'm ready for a weekend...

I hope yours goes swimmingly. :)
See ya on Sunday.

night. :D