September 9th, 2003



mmk... that finger looks mighty strange... but then again... pretty well all the pictures I snap in the morning look strange to me... :D

See that song title... that's my song of the day. I've loved this song as long as I can remember liking music. It's as beautiful, playable and raises goose bumps today just as much as it did when it was new... and brother? it was new a long time ago. Of course, catching it on the radio in the car is all about belting out that high pitch moment... "Oh wont you stay..." with the windows down... :D

It's a sunny beautiful day in the world of me. If you lived here in Ottawa then it would be a sunny beautiful day in the world of you too... and we'd have a much better chance of having lunch together.

~ red stripey (stripe-ee) ftls
~ dk blue dockers... that I'm noticing need a wash thanks to my nasty ass habit of eating granola bars as I drive to work... (which are dramatically more healthy than the cig's I would smoke en route!!!!)
~ very red p-z golf shirt... :D
~ to zoom through the rest of this post... 'cause I'm s'posed to be in a meeting in about 4 minutes... ahhhhh
~ get feet really wet with new project...
~ ok... meeting just postponed for a half hour... phew... :D
~ re-install oracle... re-install openview... re-install patches... test snmp collection from the fabulous furry freakbrothers... aka the router zone ... with my hands tied behind my back... gaaaah!
~ watch BB tonight... :D :D
~ are you reading this?
~ that sweet lil'breekola's ok... you ok sugar?
~ for my friend ectv to get a little bellybutton sensitivity training... stop the abuse! :D
~ to tell a dear friend... amyaustin that it's all about HOT... no question
~ that you guys have a great Tuesday... It's almost the weekend... well, ok, maybe not... but s'ok... we're alive and we have friends. Dude... it could be so much worse.

Hey... bored? Take a second and put a "<0>" in your lj interests... (without the quotes)..

It's an Alias (tv show) thing... but that doesn't matter... it'll just some weirdness... hard core Alias fans will search interests for this thing sooner or later... and imagine their surprise... hahahaha... and yeah, ok I'll admit it... I'm a huge fan... although I'm prol'y not entitled to the "hard core" handle... mostly because I don't even know what they mean when they talk about decoding the seasons... Seriously... there's a bucket full of "cool" stuff about that show for people with unbelievable amounts of free time. :D

K... I gotta go.
Any one tell you they love you lately?
You know you deserve to hear that don't you?
We all do... if god can invent flowers then we should at least be telling one another how much love there is in the world.
I love you.
Thanks for hanging in. :D

I know I'm corny... I can't really help it yo... hope you can deal. :D
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