September 5th, 2003



Morning... :D It's a great day to be breathing in... and breathing out... you know... alive versus dead!!!
I'm totally out of crack*... I must MUST score ... however, in the absense of good crack, I'm still riding a wave.
The universe can do all the twists, flips and flops it wants... I refuse to give in.

It's a "low, dark clouds, moving fast" kinda morning but that's ok... I wore my shades in the car and pretended it was sunny.
Turned up the music... that song by De Lite (sp? no idea here) was on the radio and it always makes me smile.

Speaking of songs... I heard a re-recording (I'm sure it's a re-recording and not just a remix) of that Eminem song from "Eight Mile" you know... "feet don't fail me..." It was done seriously up-tempo... not at all as slow as it was in the movie, let alone the last time I heard it on the radio... Now I cannot find that version of the song on the download zone... any idea what this song ... this faster version, is called?

~ it's friday yo!
~ green fts!
~ blue jeans ... [ :: and of course, I have to be cheesy about it... :: ]
~ black Strong Bad t shirt with... wait for it.. my blue and beige txt sweater...
~ I guess I'm a bit of a goof being all x'cited 'bout sweater weather but I have so many nice sweaters!!!
~ and my new headphones... :D
~ I have a mountain of paperwork to read... seriously... I have to sit here are read a zillion pages of stuff on the new proj.
(wishing I had plenty of crack for this !!!)
~ on being kinda hungry... my lunch sucks and there's no way I'm doing that chip wagon crap again... I about died from that yesterday! :D
~ tonight? no blink'en idea but I do hope I get to go to the movies with my sugar this weekend... I wanna see the new tomb raider deal on the really big screen!
~ that a very special woman I know... sweet ladyfire chooses life and all the fun it has wrapped up inside.
~ oh and every possible hope for my crazy wonderful friend amyaustin the traffic chick with the Lily on her shirt. This will work out sugar.
~ to point out that raylenetaskoski is fabulous... and I rarely say "fabulous". (I just think it's a funky word but ... well, Ray bay - bee is fabo you know?)
~ that little crismissinapril warms up... and stay warm lil'sugar. :D
~ Yo! saxton My moneys on the "floor" never happening...
~ I could find crushdmb and give 'er several really big hugs
~ I just wanted to shoot some heal'en vibes across the wires to designdiva...
~ and some "hope for dryness" vibes to my "ever-friend", the precious kitykity

Do you have any really good reason to smile today? If you can find a reason... do it... and smile at someone that you don't know. You simply can't go wrong with that... they'll either think you're a nut job and be scared of you (which can be fun) or they'll wonder why you were smiling and that can be fun for sure... and, most likely, they'll smile back. You know what happens then right... chances are pretty good they'll still be smiling about it and wondering what's up with your smile when they'll see someone else... who will see them smiling and think it's a smile for them... so they'll maybe smile back... and ... you getting the picture. Yeah it's a bit like the bubonic plague... but definately a great deal more fun.

Oh, and speaking of fun... You know that breekola is the cat's pyjamas right?

* Crack is choco covered espresso beans and the only good crack is the Starbucks crack... dude... what'd you think I meant?
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The soccer season ended a couple of weeks ago...
Edwards team stood still for a few seconds so the assembled moms and dads could snap some pictures...

I totally love the differences between these two pictures...
Each of these thumbs is linked to a 155k file...


Edward is the boy, second in from the bottom right of the picture.


We're just about to watch the BB4 show that I *gasp* remembered to tape tonight...
and I give every teeny tiny ounce of credit for this small miracle to sillz.
Thanks for reminding me sugar.

Lj has been kinda suck'en on and off all day today... grrr.....

Tomorrow is another "computer free Saturday" for our household... so if I don't catch ya later... I'll see ya on Sunday. :D