September 4th, 2003



He, (George) is really game for school this year... The summer is so filled with our efforts to wear him out - be busy versus sitting around - that the start of the school year and the concurrent "falling into bed asleep" that he does is just a joy! :) Now we're just waiting for Edwards school year to start (next week).

Today I start on a new job... I've been split, with king solomon like accuracy, between two huge projects and I begin the second one today. A whole lot of paperwork, introductions and finding of ones feet is in order. All in all... it makes me busy and that has to be a good thing in this industry.

Oh, and I got a major hair cut last night... well "major" in that it's pretty dern short... but "dries in 17 seconds" is a good thing. :) I'm 41 years old... and my mommy cuts my hair. How cool is that!! :D

~ blue ftls
~ cream p-z cargos
~ gray/green... very light green, shirt
~ well, a meeting first thing this morning that just ended...
~ a meeting called a "design review" for one of the projects my guys are working on.. (external integration of a Remedy app)
~ another meeting this afternoon... ahhhhh meet meet meet meet... and get almost zero paperwork done
~ lunch time, if I can find it, will be all about writing a bb4 update... oh, and running over to staples to get new headphones... the [ :: headphones :: ] I've had for about 7 years finally gave up.
~ tonight... no idea... nothing.. nadda... but sleep is going to happen.
~ to congratulate ectv ... VH5 baby maker VH5*
~ that my sweet friend, kitiara finds her zone quick after having had such a wonderful time with her visitor... She's been glowing for days... and deserves to hold that vibe. :)
~ I had more time to review my friends pages today but it's a killa busy jour...

hmm... I had a bit of an epiphany today... nothing to talk about but the point is.. I found myself thinking about something from a brand new point of view. It's kinda "commander data" like in that the sensation is much like "new neural pathways connecting". Cagey boy with the crypic words... hahaha... ah well, never mind. Things have a habit of becoming more clear as time goes by.

Ok... I gotta git... see ya soon. :D

* virtual high 5!

Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Close only counts in Horseshoes... and Robert’s got a butt load of those!

As dumb-ass as this season has been, there is no way the producers could have expected the plot to become so complicated and convoluted. This was a fun episode and the ending was, without a doubt, a big surprise. Now if we can just get the current HoH to evict himself we’d be off to the races.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I saw that!!!

something new under the sun of Livejournal. I just posted a reply to something and saw my first taste of the new "look".

Cool beans. :D

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um... member that cd burner deal I was arguing with the local future shop about?
hehe... it's here...
Time to take the computer apart.
Oh, and I have a copy of the new Sony Evolve catalogue.
Now that is porn!

See ya.