September 3rd, 2003


Morning... :D

You know... back in the early 90's... Canada has some serious federal debt. The Wall Street Journal called Canada a third world country refering to the debt as the reason for the description. Today Canada has a surplus... and the United States has a per-capita debt that is - in relative dollars btw - twice what Canadas was way back when... What's the WSJ saying about the US debt... the ballooning crazy ass debt in the United States? Nadda...

Why do you have such debt? Is it because you have such a well funded school system? Or maybe it's because you have such affordable health care for the population? Or maybe it's because you keep giving the little guy a break on his / her tax return?

The top 1% of income earning Americans have received more tax breaks since the Reign Of The Bushes started than the breaks afforded the rest of the spectrum all rolled together... in fact the difference is so dramatic that it defies comparison. And where does the money you pay in taxes actually go? Do you have any freaking idea how much a single "smart bomb" let a lone a couple of hundred thousand fire-and-forget missles cost?

We have snow...

~ red ftls...
~ dk blue dockers
~ Jet-Black t shirt under a blue silk top... and yeah, I only said "Jet" black, 'cause it sounds cool...
~ stomp'en shoes!!
~ ga... get ovuispmd to work... translation: today will be geeky
~ lunch... something yummi...
~ writing about BB4... oh yeah...
~ watching BB4 tonight... yuppers... (checked the guide this morning... go me lol)
~ a day late but no less important... Congratulations on the five year deal to my friends Matt (hoorah) and Shann... shann. I'm glad your worlds collided and you have made so much of a life together. :D
~ that tomorrow morning is a morning with a wakefull billy... in the house of cherripop212... :D
~ I get to talk to my pal kimberly27616 later today... ring ring...
~ that the ONE WOMAN OF ROCK... er.. that would be KymPossible herself in Charlottesville (nbbmom) has some good fortune with her little Nicky and his headachy cold zone.
~ that the day brings some well deserved comfort to a sweet friend ... snwbrdette

Hey... a quick Birthday wrap... :D

August 28 Hola Happy Birthday brother wrapper... We've been through a lot together you and I... and I do very much hope that the next year holds our bond close. May you have a hand full of double sixes when you roll lifes dice muchachos... You are so seriously good people... I hope you had a wonderful birthday

August 30 Dear Jennifer... lilspot82... My hopes for you and this next year of your life have everything to do with finding the places you need to be to bring warm comfort back to the roller coaster ride that you jumped on a lil'while ago. Happy Birthday sugar.

And cherdoo!! Happy Birthday Jane! You really are a sweet nutbar... Have a wonderful year sugar and I do hope you had a great birthday. :D

and another August 30th girl!! Happy Birthday tiffanyrose29 You are simply a sweet lil'tiff and you have afforded me such kindness ... I wish I had hit your b-day on the "day of!" Have a wonderful year sweets and I hope you make memories worth carrying with you for all time as the calendar rips away the pages.

September 1. A couple of years ago I met this ineteresting young woman... Suzanne... in LJ... Her name is serraph although she goes by Jennifer too... :D what a confusing name thing. :D But that doesn't matter. The point is that she is one in a million and I mean that most sincerily. What an amazing woman... Building homes for the homeless in Mexico, working in a trade that deserves to be called a "profession" that is dominated by men and doing a damn fine job of it... An adorable addition to the Rennisance Fairs that she loves so much and a girl with an outstanding sense of value. You are nothing short of a wonder woman! And while I would love to ask you tie me up with your golden lariat and make me tell the truth... the truth is already on the page. You are a remarkable and precious woman. I hope that this next year warms your heart with the love of friends you can depend on and that you look back on the decisions you have made with great confidence. Happy Birthday sugar...

September 3 mandelion Happy Birthday Mandy... I know you have been through hell this last year, so it makes the wishing a no-brainer... Have a peaceful, healthful and somehow, comfortable year sweet Mandy. May you have all the time and love you can handle with sweet little Sam and may you be well cared for by the system of doctors that have been letting you down for too long. You have been a very considerate and caring friend to me Mandy... Thank you. And I do very much hope for your year to pass with much happiness in your world.

... and there's one more... but that's for later. :D

Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

The Power Puff Girls.
Bubbles, ButterCup and Blossom fly through the house fighting crime and saving the city... er... ok, so they just lie their asses off and mentally beat the crap out of the boys. It all amounts to the same thing... The boys are fried and the end game is being played before your eyes.

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