September 2nd, 2003


Hola... :D

Geo sprang out of bed this morning, dressed and wanted nothing more than to get his little heiny to school... Day One Grade Three and he is one excited little man.
He really has this "smile at the web cam" thing down... I think it's the instant feed back on the monitor of how the pic comes out... we usually go through two or three... the first one always is him with his tongue stuck out and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. :D

Edit: Please click this [ :: link :: ] and read that short journal entry with a photo about a missing boy.

~ red stripe-ee ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ and I wore a big messy looking but comfy demin shirt in the car... it was a bit chilly (yeah!!! sweater weather is almost here...)
~ today is day one on a new contract... so I check into another new office... this puts me in three offices on two contracts... although I have to move out of one of the offices today so I only have two. gah...
~ watch BB tonight... I sat in the car this morning when I got to work and STAYED PUT until I had read the tv listing for the evening. My new "morning requirement" will be to read the tv listing so I can maybe... just maybe... cut down on the number of times I freaking miss a show I actually want to see.
~ write about Amazing Race at lunch... never got to that on the weekend. (do you say week-end or wee-kend?... I've been saying wee-kend lately... or so I've noticed.)
~ oh a big congrats' to abbybaby on the house~~
~ and have a great sleep little pammy... do you know passerine? She's really quite an adorable friend.
~ oyi... dorkgirl... I say shave him from head to toe and let the cradle robb'en acuasations roll in!!!! Bask in the jealousy of others.
~ to get a look at the security camera footage of pookfreak in the parking lot after her next boy friend pulled away... bet she got out of her car and did a little dance... :D

We watched Bowling For Columbine last night... funny how Canadians come across in that movie... apparently we don't lock our doors and almost nobody shoots each other here... Now, believe me, I'm not complaining... We (canada) have nothing on the freak show that is the American Romance With Guns and the American propensity to shoot each other... but dude? We lock our doors in most cities and people die at the hands of criminals far far too often. And Chuck-The-Loon... (Charlie Heston aka Moses) ... I like how he looked so old and feeble... sorta like it wont be too too terrifically long before we can actually pry that fucking riffle out of his cold dead hands and be done with him. The NRA used him like a pimp uses a hard-body cheerleader that discovers crack...

Gun loving is not a bad thing... shooting is actually quite fun.
Gun lovers are not bad people... Bad people are bad people... everybody knows that.
but like the song sings... guns don't kill people... people kill people... people with guns.
There is no argument... there is no defense.
Bare Arms just meant they wanted to wear short sleeve shirts yo.

It all seems to be more deeply felt as I watch my boys head off for another school year.

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Not positive on this, but I'm pretty sure that being stabbed to death by a plastic lunch room knife would be up near the top of the ignoble death lists.