September 1st, 2003


Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

All About Robert

Say what you want... Alison is a complete tramp and the offers will roll in after Donny dumps her every expanding ass. Erika is an absolute freak show but she'll be content to get some attention. Jun is a goddess of goofy and everybody is going to like her when it's done. Jee? You will not remember his name two weeks after the show... but you will dislike Robert for a long ... long ... long time.

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Morning. :D

Ed... actually staying put when the camera is on... wowzers. :D
Oh, and bondas... there's a kitten on that mug. !! :)

Well it's almost 11:00 and I've been up for three hours and busy as stink... of course, it's all be doing-the-dad-thing kinda busy but still... So many yawns! :D

~ nothing worth leaving on... it's shower time.
~ my friend Kev is coming over to get his computer... he'll bring his son, Alexander. There will be little kiddie interactive play while he and I enjoy some coffee time.
~ other than that... NO PLANS... wohoo...
~ that today brings some warm smiles into the world of a new friend (crismissinapril)...
~ that my fruit picking, amazatron Australian sugar bowl... notcharming, finds a grand sleep and maybe finds a few things to go with it... :D
~ for a day of peace in the world of abbybaby
~ and that my long time sweet friend... the "toy" herself... dailymom has a wonderful day.

September 1? So that's it then... the summer months are gone.
I love the seasons of change. Spring and Fall are my favs. The depths of winter simply kill me and the summer burn wears me down... but sping and fall are all about excitement for what is around the corner, and everything becomes so precious... The colours of Fall and the rebirth of the universe in Spring... No, it's definately about the seasons of change for me and we're just starting a new one. I will enjoy Fall this year.

This has been a busy summer though... camping ... plenty of camping... no cottages... I prefer cottages, but that can wait.
Lots and lots of growing for the boys this summer and here it is... almost the new school year. Geo will be in grade 3 and Edward will be in "Senior Kindergarden (SK)"... cool. I think, besides the stress of making lunches Geo will eat... the school year will bring a sense of calm to the crazy life we lead over the summer. (hey... a boy can dream can't he!! :D)

Ok... I need to shower and get about my day... I'll be 'round. :)