August 28th, 2003



Morning yo. :D

Love this song... but it makes me wanna do the nasty... I know I know... it's morning and all... tough.

Hey... are you all bent about having a cloudy night last night... and missing the Mars Close Approach. Well too bad for you right... because, you know... after spending 60,000 years getting into position... it only took a few hours for it to swing through the heavens back to a place where you will never get the chance to see it close again. Sorry... ya missed it... you snooze you lose... hahahaha... No seriously... don't go buying a telescope, unless you intend to give backyard astronomy a go. Get yerself a pair of binocs with WIDE lenses... and rest them on a wall, fence, the ground... whatever... and look at mars.. .hell, look at the moon - that will really get yer money clink'en. ("rest" them though, you hand jiggles no matter how hard you try to hold it still) You'll use the binocs more than a scope. And Mars will be uber close and awsome for viewing for MONTHS... :D

~ black and gray stripes on the ftls... :D
~ dk blue dockers
~ a T ... I think it's creamy beige and a tommy sweater that has a blue stripe. I really can't tell if it's all clashy...
~ continuing arguments with oracle and HP OpenView... :D
~ documentation cycle starting at work... plenty of writing... ug
~ meeting this afternoon with a company vp... team meeting. Staying even-keeled about that.
~ write about bb at lunch... I laughed and laughed at BB last night...
~ tonight? no idea...
~ big congratulations to my friend haela on her wedding yesterday!!!! ... pictures? :D
~ that I can arrange some babysitting on the weekend... like Saturday... and watch Two Towers with Z... and plenty of volume..!!!! (Geo want's to see the movie... I'm on the fence)
~ to thank you for the really great feedback on the Watercolour website... thank you.
~ sending a wee bit of congratulations over to ma sugar... cherripop212 on her recent achievement.... :D
~ the very best of fortunes patience to my sweet friend, Laurie... hisbeauty... as she dives into day five of non-smoking. Must dream up some incentives for her... :)
~ that friends that are jonsing about because lj friendships have ended with a moment of surprise for them.... well, that they keep holding on to the notion that the ebb and flow of a place like this demands such changes and you have to move on without letting it get you down. There are a million reasons... and none of them matter when you have a pain in your heart... but in the end... that pain is preferable to the pain of feigned friendships. Love yourself first... let others follow your lead. I'll be there... promise.

Happy Birthday wrapper!!!!
~ have a wonderful day brother... and I do very much hope that you travel through this next year with your health and your happiness well in hand... touched by the friendships you richly deserve. I continue to appreciate your friendship and I hope the future will give us the chance to continue sharing...
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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

The Federal Bureau of Idiots
So Jacks an idiot after all... cool. Jee is on day five without smokes and Alison holds all the marbles. At least this time they’re not all hairy and attached to football players.

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