August 24th, 2003



Camping... version two point oh

So... we took a family camping trip... again. This time upping the ante to four days with the boys... in the woods.
We came back with both boys... so it must have worked out!
We went to a place called Murphys Point... [ :: linky :: ]

The scene of most daytime leisure... is peaceful at dusk.
The beach was perfect... the water was shallow and clean, and the children swam to their hearts content.

This was "campground" camping... versus wilderness camping. I suspect that wilderness camping is for another time. We used to go on canoe trips... maybe next summer. That being said, this was great great glorious fun for the boys.

Edward, pictured here having one of his many Trogdor moments started his day talking about when the fire would be built... and reveled in it from ignition to bedtime. :D

Geo played his game boy every minute he could... even though we only brought it for the car drive... but we did manage to get him all woodsy... check his hair. :D (and no, he didn't play it the whole time... sheesh! :D

We had a morning visitor... actually two, each day... Woody woodpecker was less noisy than many of the vile noise makers I've encountered before... plus, he let me creep up close for pictures. My dad carves birds... and will get a kick out of all the woodpecker pictures. :D

This park had morning and evening "activities" if you were so disposed... We went on a trip to a turn of the century Mica Mine... The Silver Queen Mine.

This was great gobs of fun for the kids... it was a big ass hole into the ground with side shafts that went down down down... (that we couldn't go into...) but none the less we did see it from the bottom of the first big pit and it was plenty cool... No I mean... it was COLD and refreshing down there... (hot hot day).
Z and the boys entering the mine... (the hard hats were a big plus for the boys)

Here's yours truly with Geo in the pit... :D The walls are simply green with life...

And the boys looking up... way up to the top.

Um... I saw a groovy frog picture as we walked back from the mine... However it's a big picture... so click with warning.

Here me on this one thing... Tikki torches are the absolute freaking bomb on a camping trip... the totally change the complexion of the camp site at night. They don't actually photograph very well, but they were a god send!!

We ate like kings... putting KFC in that multi level hot rock thing I posted about after the last camping trip... that warmer thing is about 40 years old so I've no idea where it was originally purchased but it's worth it's weight in gold. First night dinner was fried chicken and all the fixens... nice and warm. We had spaghetti and "George's Chicken", pancakes and snacks... lots and lots of snacks.. .I mean, this is camping... ya eat constantly. There were plenty of chances to just sit and read while the kids played or play with the kids while the forest creatures watched us. There was this kick ass crazy storm on the last night that only managed to rain on us a bit but put on a helluva light show.

All in all... a fun family adventure. :)

Note: sleeping on a self inflating mini camper mattress and a sleeping bag still leaves your back in a state of shock... no matter what any die hard camper tries to tell you. :)


A little tired... a little stressed... and clearly in need of some not-working-too-hard time. And this, of course, will happen when the sun and the moon and the stars fall to my feet. So I'm not holding my breath.

~ house coat... ;)
~ a sleepy smile.
~ shower...
~ trip to Canadian Tire to return yet another camping lantern that just sucked... and believe me when I say, after the black out, I'm expecting an argument when I try to return a flashlight... :)
~ write a bit about bb from last night...
~ possibly take Z's computer apart and rebuild with a better board and processor today... backups first however... are esssssssential. :)
~ we took some unframed pics of some paintings at my moms... I have to work out some gallery code for her site... :D
~ that you guys... whereever you are... are having a good day. Sundays are good candidate days for being "good days". I'm thinking it's got to be about relaxing at some point right. :)

See ya.

Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Jee versus the Volcano

Julie, in a see through mini-me housecoat, drags us to the new twist... En route we are treated to Alison's fake tears, Jun's thong, Jacks insanity, and Rob's twitches... and then Jee screws the lot of them.

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