August 23rd, 2003



Good afternoon!!!! :D
What an amazing sleep... in an actual bed and everything. Man oh man, there is nothing like a camping trip to make you LOVE your house, and the comforts there in!! :D (ug... I said "there in" in a journal entry... kill me now)

Shave shave shave has been the order of the morning... some unmentionable but other...
well, you be the judge.... I am simply not one of those people that is meant to have facial hair!
[ :: pre shave today :: ] [ :: post shave today :: ] (yo! this is not porn... we're talking face here! :D)

and note: what a big diff between the images captured by the old 3-com lite (the shave pictures) and the ADS Tech cam (the morning picture)!!

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue shorts
~ p-z shirt... has a 33 on it... not sure what thats about... but whatever... 33 wohoo... :D
~ this post...
~ cutting the lawn... then (the fun part) whipper snippering the lawn...
~ off to my moms house to review pictures of some paintings so we can re-do and update the gallery images on her [ :: web site!!! :: ]
~ off later to pic my BIL and one of my nieces up at the airport... they've been in Bermuda for the past couple of weeks... life sucks for some people... :D
~ dinner? fresh local corn on the cob... yum... with pepper... dripping in butter... and ... and... a pizza... yeah, it's corn and pizza night.
~ ack... It's a Big Brother night... and I really need to write something about the shows from this week... we watched one on tape, then the tape had nothing but garbage for the wednesday night show (thank you power outage!!) but we managed to watch that episode thanks to several hundred megs of downloads from news groups... (which remains kinda cool ... burning it onto a cd and watching it via the dvd player on the TV.)
~ my SRH headache would receed and be replaced with bliss... and if that makes sense... you know me really well...
~ that all is well with my terrifically precious* friend... little pook-machine, pookfreak
~ that I could squeeze me some Kym and that little cute monster of hers... the littlest DJ Nick. (unbelievably cute pictures of him lately. :D)
~ for more chances to see bree... I cannot get enough of breekola... Actually, it's prol'y the headphones... I'm a sucker for a girl in headphones.
~ and I'm seriously wishing for time to mess with the picture files from the camping trip...

Ok... yard work is a calling... so I gotta git... see ya. :D

* yikes... "terrifically precious" is a bit over the top... ick.