August 16th, 2003



morning... :D

~ house coat
~ smile...
~ to have a shower
~ go to home despot for more project bits...
~ finish project before things get ugly! :D
~ um... oh yea, It's Saturday. BB4 is on tonight... and I think the missing Amazing Race is on afterwards... :)
~ that we continue to have steady power...
~ for time to scrolll scrolllll scrollllllll through the zillion. I've read a bunch... but the day is calling.

We watched David Gale last night... I really enjoyed the movie... what's her name... titanic girl.. winslet... boy can she ever overact... :D but wow what a great story. Didn't get to Just Married yet... it'll come. :)

We went to bed terrifically late... and managed to sort things out with the boys that they left us sleeping in this morning. BIG SMILE.

Anyways... shower calls... See ya soon.


well now... sometimes things come out like a bag full of sixes.

The Amazing Race is on tonight... after BB afterall, on WROC... a Rochester, NY station. So that's a'tapen. :D

I finished the "project" today. (yeah)

It's a cupboard in my garage... beside the work bench.
A view from the front of the garage... (click the thumbnails)

A view from the back. (that's peg board on that side...)

And, of course, open. (About 10 minutes later, it was full.)

Most important carpentry lesson learned? Never... EVER... plan out something that needs pieces of wood that are 25 inches wide.

Time to get the boys to bed... long day so far, but the evening is just getting under way! :D

See ya soon.