August 14th, 2003



D18 <-- actually... wow... I could not imagine being on day 18 ... 18 days ago.

Oh look... a soap box.
I read something in a friends journal yesterday that left me a bit flat. No issues, because I can respect that people are the products of what influences them... to certain extents. But you gotta know that linking that post would have let off a flurry of drama. Cryptic huh... ok, well let me put it this way. An organized Gay Day at a disney park is just a day at the partk to shove a stick up disney's intollerant over-tight little mouse ass (edit: I may be a little out-of-date on the Disney Tolerance issue here so please forgive my "stick in bum" remark) . It's not a day of naked gay men frollicing in the Swirling Tea Cups. And being a gay man, last time I checked, did not mean you were a pedophile... let alone a child kidnapping murdering freakazoid. None of the gay men I've known seemed at all likely to morph into a sunday night made for tv movie villan just because they go to a theme park. It's not a gay pride parade of half dressed men and women. It's a day in the park. Your kids... my kids... are more likely to be negatively influenced by the proportion of violence in Saturday morning cartoons than they would be by exposure to the public display of discreet affection between same sex couples... and if it means you have to answer some questions... yeah? so what? Count yourself lucky that you have relationship with your child that includes questions and answers... Not all moms are so lucky.

I'm not trying to dig at anyone with this... or else I would have responded to the post. But the truth is that there is a long way to go before we can call ourselves an enlightened society. We've got the fringes sorted out... and now it's time to address the poorly educated masses at the core. The words SEX and VIOLENCE should never be said in the same sentance. Sex and sexuality have no more to do with violence than any other thing that can include a serious beating.... but you don't hear people saying we should be enacting rules to curb Shopping and Violence or Walking in the Park and Violence... bah! One our real social problems in how uptight we are and bring our kids to be about their sexuality. We'll gladly send out kids to several years of martial arts training but god forbid that they learn how to give a partner an earth shattering orgasm... because you know... that would be a bad thing. (and do go off thinking I mean little kids should be sexual... I'm just looking at all the young adults in college that know exactly how to beat the living crap out of each other but have no idea how to perform oral sex. losers... )

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