August 13th, 2003


mooooooooorning... :D

D17... wow.

Oh man... did I ever seriously sleep in today... gah! Work by 9:34 and now the day is officially behind schedule... evil. :D
It'll work out though... it always does. Why? You might ask, does it "always work out"... because I own the worlds largest bag of positive vibes... no really.

~ blue ftls
~ cream ??? light beige p-z cargos
~ kenneth cole shirt that really is a bit too warm for the day and makes me feel a tad bit like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movie... "LASER BEAM"
~ shit kicker shoes...
~ zoooom from this to running through a "jump start" build for a solaris server and patching that bitch to some kind of HP OpenView nirvana point. :D
~ write about BB from last night...
~ do a security seminar ("do" = attend) at lunch....
~ watch BB tonight... :D
~ watch all my coworkers load the blaster worm patch... dudes shoulda been pay'en attention like two days ago...
~ oyi... that the evil boss zone that sweet blonnie is in eases up a bit... sheesh... and I hope all turns out well with the car thing sugar.
~ ahhhhhh raylenetaskoski you are so very much on my mind Ray... I can well imagine how frustrated you are... hug hug hug... gah!!!!!
~ and just want to make sure that ectv never runs out of batteries for her camera... you are going to be so adorable as a pregger shan-pea.
~ for "get well" vibes to wrap around reens and the men in her life... :D
~ to just send a small vibe out to a sweet friend... cherripop212... I'm keeping you both in my thoughts...
~ that a move coming up for abbybaby goes well...
~ with all of my heart that I could do something for a really precious friend... sweet passerine... take care and look to the horizon sugar... it's all out there.
~ happy zoooom zoooom day nbbmom and I hope there's no rain. :D
~ go go pixiecup. Yes indeed... been there... understand in every way imaginable... :D

Ok... I really gotta jet.... I hope you all have a groove-station day... :D

ps. remember to be nice to each other...
everybody has enough shit in their own worlds...
a place like this should be a place to find a little peace...

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more people should embrace the crack freak.

starbucks sells the only crack worth the cash... (dark choco covered espresso beans).

Mid morning.. haul back on a good sized handfull... swallow... and wash it down with some strong coffee.
An excellent way to prep for giving a presentation or perhaps writing... :)
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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Gobble Gobble Gigli girl

Well the ghost of J-Lo is here... stupid hat and all, and while the real booty queen may not yet be dead... one close-up of Erika’s face leaves you feeling like you missed tapps. The various depths of goofiness and serious crazy people-ness are plumed as we watch OCD and delusional people sit around letting a studio of master manipulators twist their lives into entertainment for us. Yeah. It’s veto night... which means, of course, that nothing happens.

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