August 12th, 2003



man... this one (today) started with a whimper... 6:30 up with mind numbing headache... overkill on advil and crawl back to bed. I've been strangely knotted up lately. Pretty well better now but I've that residual advil burn thing going on.

k... go to your fav download site... drag down "Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger, Fleetwood Mac - White Wing Dove, and Destiny's Child - Bootlylicious" Play em, or at least the first few moments of each. It'll make sense... promise. If you know of another tune that fits that groove, tell me... I was thinking "Run like hell (pink floyd) was there but no...

~ red ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ off white? t shirt with a blue silk shirt
~ a rather numb expression...
~ team meeting at 11:00
~ inflammatory email sending in about 45 mins... although... I will adhere to my number one rule of never ever ever saying anything in a corp email that is intentionally cruel or mean spirited... shit like that always comes back to get ya later.
~ we overuse this expression at work "such and such is gating" as in, it's in your way and keeping you from going forward... well, today is all about ripping gates off the fences and doing some gate stomping. :D
~ watching BB4 tonight...
~ that my sweet friend bondas has some resource to turn to after the very untimely theft... hopefully it was someone who actually needed it...
~ well... just that things spin down to a place where my sugar Lisa (ladyfire) can get her hands on things... always in my thoughts...
~ that AudBlog lives!!!! I love shit like that... and yeah, I'll play later... I love hearing your voices. Is there a way to "record" what you are hearing when you listen to an Audblog? I've it in my head that laying down all the audblogs in a single multi track moment would sound kinda cool...
~ that the family of Ardeth Wood find some possible route to peace in what be a terrible sadness... The news story I linked yesterday about the local woman that was missing... She's not missing any more. I hope they catch the rat bastard.
~ I could get my hands on wolfiegirl... why? well so I could squeeze her of course...
~ matchmaker time... no1topaz please meet kimberly27616... yer neighbors... well, practically... and you should both add frozenone... he's a good man. Go now... click click click... :D
~ I would remember to wake up in the middle of the night soon, talk to the admiral and watch Fight Club again.

Liberia!!!!! Ok... if you're not following this one... the now-ex-pres is an evil fuck nut... Charles Taylor. The people hate him and demanded his head... so he splits before he is separated from that head of his... and his VP takes over... Dudes name? Moses Blah. No seriously... the guys last name is Blah. Fuck... the jokes are freaking endless... What'da ya bet the first thing this guy does is appoint the Yadda triplet’s as Department Heads.
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CNN Reports:

Dateline Liberia: The new government has been quick to respond to concerns that they will be outspoken.
The President is reportatly Blah and the ministers are quoted as saying Yadda Yadda Yadda...
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dance dance... things are just a'cook'en.

I'm kinda sizzeling... k'mere... touch me... I'm electric.

got a zillion things done today and I'm feeling great about it. :D

Headache is a distant memory and I cannot actually type memory without muttering mamory which could be at odd volumes depending on how loud the music in the headphones is... so I basically avoid typing memory.

Tomorrow is Wednesday... hump day? yeah... it's almost the weekend yo! :D

It's time to head for traffic and a no-airconditioned-air car... I suspect the silk shirt will enjoy the ride from the back, while me and the T chill in the front.

I hope you all had a great day... and if you're a BB fan... remember it's on tonight!!!

Later Sk8ers... :D