August 11th, 2003




K... does somebody know specificially what "Jelly" the jiggly black booylicious girls are refering to with "I don't think you're ready for this jelly". I mean, I feel like maybe I simply slept through the adoption of an entire social more.

It sure would be nice if I could jack-in and upload my friends pages... :D but alas... (earwax) ya'll write like a freaking novel every day. ah well... such are the slings and arrows yo. I try and that's 'nuf. :D

~ red striped fts.
~ dk beige dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt...
~ hmm? well, work is prety well a forgone conclusion although a lawn chair, a bowl of cherries and the sound of the surf would be dramatically better!!
~ Soccer practice for Geo tonight.
~ and ... and... oh crap I dunno... I'm at one of those times when I'm so slapped that I can barely see the trees... I need to have meeting with the team at work and get some priorities sorted out. :D
~ um... jogging would be fun with catherine but that's most likely just 'cause she's got such a cute tummy. I'm not terrifically sure that the actual "jogging" part would be all that much of a blast. Although... I am a couple of weeks into this no smoking thing... I really should start doing something with the increased lung capacity ... earn something for this effort... running?
~ that my little sugar Mary... (crushdmb) would get some sleep... Mary needs some sleepy time snuggles... which is pretty damn cute when ya think about it... :)
~ to send a wee bit of congratulations off to cherripop212... just 'cause. :D
~ to thank lizvang for turning the phrase "bigbull and his dainty tea". Clearly not a phrase one expects to see. :D
~ that a young woman named "Ardeth"... is found alive... somehow. [ :: This :: ] is the local paper story about this woman... She's 27, rode away from her mom's house last week and zap... gone. They found her bike...

Do you know... today is August 11. It's an anniversary of sorts... sixteen years ago, well, from tomorrow moring, I went to my summer job wearing one of Suzannes shirts. Please decode for your imaginations pleasure. I'm thinking flowers come home with me today. :)
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ritz crackers are, like... a health food right?

I mean, you can eat several hundred thousand of them and it's basically like taking vitemines... right?