August 9th, 2003


yawn... scratch...

Oh man... yeah, so the best laid plans... I know I KNOW I set the alarm properly... I turned it way way up and ever-than... and I still managed to sleep through the alarm and wake up at 4:40. I was supposed to be there at 4:40. I was there at 4:50. We were all at the airport at 5:18... for a 6:15 commuter flight connect to Toronto where they had the big-boy flight to Bermuda... so, even though I slept in a bit... everything still worked out fine. And my hair, all standing straight up, kept my nieces entertained on the drive. :D

Now I've had a few more hours sleep and it's time for a day. !

~ bright orange t shirt...
~ yeah...
~ immediate entrance to shower... shave... and dress zone.
~ finish, if possible, the "project". Needs another shelf cut and doors made.
~ write about BB4 from last night... I alllllllllmost missed the show again!! gah. (almost, but not quite).
~ enjoy the day... It's definitely going to rain and be shitty... but that's ok.
~ ummm... well, that I was still asleep... but the boys will have none of that. :D
~ to thank my friend jennfromtx for the post card I received yesterday... that was very kind sugar.
~ that sweet ball play'en super mom reens... has happy knees soon...
~ for the ouchi results of yesterdays deal to heal up quickly and for darl'en kitiara to feel all better soon. :D

~ go to rini's journal ... nick over there and leave a comment offering her congratulations and good luck today... It's her wedding day!!!

Congratulations and the Best of Luck Erin (rini)

May the journey you are embarking on carry you through the roughest seas and to the greatest of life’s destinations.

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ahhh... home again.

Just got back from taking Geo, Ed, and two neighbor boys (same ages) bowling.
hehe... it's fun. They have so much fun with bowling... the shoes, the scoring, and they even knock over a few pins every now and then. :D

Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Cry Nathan, but DON'T dance.

Salsa Hot Dogs, practically naked chicks smearing whip cream all over themselves, cheerleaders, giant scary strawberries and the Abinator 2000. Gee, what fun.

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