August 7th, 2003




Everybody was up early today... so I wasn't all lonely doing my morning thing... and my little soccer champ wanted in the pic. :D (I love that...)

The drive to work today included NOT ONE SINGLE MOMENT OF ANGST about (about about about about...- cause you 'mericans like hearing us 'nadians say'en "about") about not having a smoke... no really... first day, no gum en route to work... first day no angry freakout in the car about not smoking... (please insert picture of me doing a happy dance).
Look... what's that? a light? ahhh a wee sparkle of a light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel...

~ black ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ hunter green shirt...
~ to have a killa busy day... which means it's gonna fly past... gah...what? it's 9:30 already... aaaaahhhh
~ write about bb4 from last night... hahaha... this series has definately moved into the "so bad it's good" zone.
~ watch Amazing Race tonight...
~ oh! that reminds me... I have an unposted Amazing Race comment from last week... I guess I should post that...
~ that I haden't forgotten my fruit today... there's a delicious cold nectarine on the kitchen window sill and a small tupperwear box of frozen grapes in the freezer... rats!!!
~ that my lil'sugar in TO... (the Rock Star lizvang) has a fresh pair of panties... :)
~ for peacefull winds to blow through Kansas... I mean...nobody want's wind in Kanasa... but still... alcoholic librarians... and angry white chicks... I swear if I had naked pictures of you two and enough skill in photoshop I would post giant pictures of you humping each others legs just for fun. bwahahahaha... come on "alcoholic librarians" practically has me crying with laughter. I love you, you know.
~ a couple of Bose speakers were mounted on my cube and that I had a million$ in the bank... I'd blast Horndog until the security guards dragged me out...
~ to send a couple of little warm vibes to my sweet Austin Bound friend pookfreak... just 'cause.
~ to say... because I don't think I ever have before, that _c_u_t_i_e_ is really quite amazing...
~ that a good man... ever so far away... is doing ok... and bro... that's to you knightsdawn.

Geek moment: after upgrading the kernel on my server (red-chapeau-baby) the Gimp now offers the old and new... but defaults to the old... hence I had a day of strange behavior from my server yesterday as the system had been through an unattended reboot. So now the question is... how to sort it out that the default is the new kernel. hmmmm
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a few words on The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

You know... of all the Reality Shows I've watched... this is the only one I'd truley enjoy being a player in. These guys seriously go all over the world and some of it is pretty freaking amazing.

Ok, enough of that... what happened this week..

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Big Brother 4 Update !!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Tangerine Day

An outstandingly terrible looking Julie Robot screws up line after line as she tries to get through the show... helped along by some of the most puerile house-mats ever. At least Alison admits to being a tramp to get Pretty-Boy to do her bidding. I mean, can you just see her on her knees in the locker room after the big game at college?

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