August 6th, 2003




You know... I'm sitting here and I can't tell what it's like out? I drove her in average weather that could have turned sunny... or could have turned to rain... but here, in my little cube... nothing. It's a beige day... beige like the walls of my little zone that feels decidedly like the place Neo was crouching down in when Morpheus called 'em on the samsung phone via fedex? (although I have far fewer product placements in my office).

Today? today is many things but most importantly it's a birthday...
So lemmi deal with this stuff first... :D

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ pale blue k-c shirt
~ to argue with some people that have way way too much time to pick arguments (a work thing)
~ to fry the ever love'en shit out of a Solaris server and start the little snit over again. :)
~ write... want to write a bb4 thing at lunch...
~ tonight? well, more BB of course...
~ I knew what was up with the text messaging gods... I got about 10 this morning... early!!!! and they were (as far as I can tell) old ... old old old... gah!
~ that my friend ladyfire can swirl herself around a bit and see the light... things are better than you know sugar. Look what you did... you felt.
~ for the efforts of one tough lil'izzi (izzicam) are well rewarded... she's on a no caffeine thing... and I cannot freaking imagine... my head would shatter.
~ that a sweet friend... paperdoil can bear the burden, handle the power?, that has been thrust (no pun intended, well sorta) upon her... :D (giggle)
~ I could say farang and really get behind it... :D
~ a happy ovulation day to my friend atariprincess and boy oh boy do I ever hope you found some humour in that... (hug! :D)

Now back to business... :D

Happy Birthday Meave... princessblondie

Those feet were made for walking...

... and that girl was not made to just sit and take it.

Not too terrifically long ago, I met a young woman here in lj land... she kinda reached through my monitor, grabbed my hair and slammed my face into the glass over and over by way of having ... well, one of those smiles that makes time stand still, and hearts beat faster. In the time since we met I have had the very good fortune to see a person take their life in their own hands and do something with it... instead of bowing with indifference or fear... she made her way and I am more than a little impressed.

Happy birthday Meave... I hope with all of my heart that you find this next year to be every bit a year of rebirth as you deserve it to be. You have "it"... the "it" that so many people search for... the almost intangible quality that seems to make the world shimmer around you. Nothing is the same for anyone ... after you join their world... and I cannot possibly imagine a greater thing. Loving you for the wonderful friend that you are... is the easiest love in the world. Enjoy your day sugar. Oh, and I downloaded and listened to this song... just for you. :D
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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Canadian Bacon eh!

What a bunch of freaking morons! These people are so seriously gender challenged I have no idea who has stones and who’s got the pomegranates. One thing is certain... Alison has killa calluses on her knees yo... no question. Oh, and as much as Nathan likes Jee’s nipples... he really doesn’t like his ass.

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I'm just catching up a bit on a few birthdays...

August 3: Happy Birthday polypboy.You've a good heart my friend and have managed to drag smiles out of my worst moods... for this alone I am fortunate to have a friend in you. But there is much more... so my happiness is really quite up there. :D Happy slightly late birthday brother and I hope you had a grand day and that this year sees you through with good health and happiness.

August 4: A very Happy Birthday to you dear katie8471. My heart is filled with dreams and wishes for you this year... just as my heart has shored up against the misfortune that marked this past year. There are miracles in store for all of us... and I hope with every ounze of my ability for your miracles to find you. I know they are out there... searching. Happy Birthday sugar and I do hope we are able to stay in touch as this next year slips into the past.


August 5: ossie Happy Birthday picture boy... :D The man who writes in the sand. We are, all of us, entitled to our feelings... and I want to respect yours... There is no spoon my friend... and I hope that this next year puts wonders without end in front of your camera. Happy Birthday.


A little something's on my mind... and it's going to make it into my journal.

We are all of us rather unique... that's the way of things. I could go on and on about how much the same we are but that doesn't preclude the things that make us individuals. There is a great deal about each of us that is good and much that is ... less so. Be that as it may, none of us is worthy of a self proclaimed shroud of judgment. Set yourself up as an unsolicited purveyor of judgments and you risk a harsh judgment yourself. This may be a simple pill to swallow for a person so disposed and if that is the case... then fine. We all must live, if not with one another, most certainly with ourselves.

There is no end of things about life that I appreciate but none more so than the glorious right to make choices. I make them every day. Today I chose to not smoke. I also chose to write in my journal. I chose to read many of your journals today and others, for one reason or another, I did not. In the doing of those things I found myself considering why and how I make decisions to retain the friendships I have in journal land. In the end, the only sure reason I could settle on was "because I can." Maybe tomorrow will be different... maybe not. I'll see when the new day dawns. Whatever happens, I know of two guiding truths that will influence my tomorrows; a smile costs nothing and while love is easy, hate takes work.