August 5th, 2003



There are wishes... that hide behind the covers of the life you make for yourself.
You live that way ... because it's what you do. You take responsibility and move.
But that doesn't mean you don't dream... It doesn't mean you can't reach out,
and feel your way past some of the pain to find a hand hold... some small thing
to grip and pull yourself forward.
Maybe wishes don't come true but you can fight for what you believe in...
All you have to do is believe in your wishes and do your best.
Dare to dream...

Jenny was sweet... she always smiled for the people she meets

Day 9...

~ black and gray striped ftls.
~ dk beige dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt.
~ a guy that worked for me at the last job is back from a contract and arrives back today. So I'm orienting him to the new job today... and avoiding the fact that we are old smoke'en buddies... ahhhhhhhhhh! shoot me.
~ my boss is back from vacation, so I've got to spend a bunch of time updating him on everything...
~ project updates
~ and get my ass home... :D Big Brother is on tonight... I'm looking forward to that.
~ ack... good luck today to my very good friend kimberly27616 at the interview
~ and I'll be sure to hold August 28 aside for my friend whoknew so I can go to Mitchell's birthday... although the drive will be killa.
~ my heart goes out to laciann and her friends. Some hard stuff over there...
~ egad catherine! I bet you found it ... right? I hope things turn around sugar... frustration is an evil play thing.
~ that the way hearts and lives grow... helps my Luna Girl find the right buttons to push for her world... I hope you're well fireflieslie
~ and enough of those aches and pains breekola... feel bedda sugah! (see the "!" there... that makes is all cool like...)

My BIL loaded us the first couple of DVD's out of the box set of "From the Earth to the Moon"...
man... it sucked us right in last night... we watched till 2:00 in the morning.

I drove to work with the video camera on the dash today... to make another "Drive to work" video... and, for some strange reason... there was hardly any traffic. We'll see if I can press it into a reasonable size. :D
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