August 1st, 2003



Day 5 and counting....

Not really in a great zone today... just kinda moving through a process.
I feel the need... the desire to smoke like crazy... but I know I can get through today. It's just a thing in the pit of my tummy, ya know?

JudeFest is on this weekend... hmmm.

~ dress sox
~ green ftls
~ black dress shirt
~ black teddybear tie
~ black suit...
~ on being hot... or finding A/C
~ we're off to Montreal today to lay my father-in-law to rest. It's a graveside cerimony to inter his ashes with those of his parents in a "family plot".
~ home again, sometime later tonight...
~ watch BB4 from a tape tonight...
~ and pretty much that's it for the day...
~ catherine is well and that the things that are slipping around for her... find feet and hold still.
~ a special kinda thing over to my sugar kimberly27616... all kinds of good luck on the next stage of that job process and a hug just 'cause it's a good time for a hug.
~ that my friend sometimes59 is ok... and that her family is ok too... No worries sugar... none whatsoever. :D

Holy Birthday Freakout!!
~ August First is a busy birthday day... and I just can't miss out...

Happy Birthday out to my lj friends sb186, reens, pixiecup, chelebell and tracygail
You all know I'd have plenty to say for each of you ... but time is against me... so let me just say a special happy birthday to each of you in my heart and know that I value your friendships and wish only the best for you as the next year becomes memories worth stashing away and holding onto while life moves along. Be well and enjoy your special day.


Just got home a bit ago... long LONG day.

Tell you more... in pictures... later.

For now? Well, I set the vcr to tape Big Brother... and it would have worked too if Big Brother was scheduled to be on tomorrow morning between 8 and 9 AM. wtf? I guess I was a big distracted this morning...

Already downloading it from news groups... (cool! :D)

Now it's time to be putting the boys in their beds and dealing with the fact that I want a smoke so bad I can taste it... some dude at the funeral... (actually, he is the current "President of the Quebec General Assembly") was smoking away like mad and every time the air carried the scent to my nose... ahhhhhhhhhhh ... however... I will survive... and prevail.

Ok... off to make coffee and gets kids to bed... talk at ya soon.

ps. i hope you all had a nice Friday. :D