July 31st, 2003


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I just couldn't muster an angry face again today... :D
So many good things are swirling around in my world...
and the sun is shining...
people are smiling...
You guys are amazing...
I mean... gah!

Day what? 4? I think it's day four. So far so good.

man... here it is almost 10:00 and I'm behind already. hahaha...
Time to post and come back to play later. :D

~ black ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ hunter green shirt...
~ a morning marked by significant meetings... zoooooom
~ an afternoon of getting a report dusted up from good to great.
~ write about BB4 from last night...
~ tonight? Watch The Amazing Race (although it'll prol'y be another "non elimination round" which is just dumb!!)
~ iron a shirt... for tomorrow we ride... well, drive... tomorrow is off to Montreal to hold the service for my FIL.
~ the pope would die already... no offense... no wait... go 'head, be offended... he's a dick.
~ george bush? another dick. sorry folks but the world is influenced by some very very serious dick heads...
~ (can you guess I'm cook'en another rant... :D)
~ that ol'noodle legs... I mean, bigbull gets the feeling in his appendages back again soon. :D
~ for good health to stay on board with my Amy.. I mean, my paperdoil...
~ for the gods of work-karma to send a blast over to blonnie and maybe have all her bosses slip on banana's today... whats a few sprained ankles betwen friends... let alone jerks.
~ that shebear's heart is fulfilled with a little Brendan time soon ... :D
~ to give some love'en time to a sweet and kind friend... summerspirit ... just 'cause.

I have to zooooooooooooooom... be back later. :D
see ya.

hey... have you heard this song?
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//rant on

Look... the concept of separating the church and the state is rooted in the notion that there are separate agendas for each.
Politicians and religious big-hats tend to cross the boundaries between their domains when the rest of us are busy screaming "You are not the boss of me!".
Never mind that this makes everybody sound like 5 year olds... the fact remains that organized religion is an opiate for the masses that cannot think for themselves and grew in a time when people tended to die before they were 30 from food poisoning and ... well, being killed by the next person to knock on their door. And Politicians? They are the back-end of government which is there to accurately count things and organize a military.

There may very well be nations and peoples out there that are happy to be dragged through existence by their religious leaders and states that are willing to blindly let their politicians tell them what to think but last time I checked... I didn't live in one of those countries.

The only reason same sex marriage is on the agenda is to establish non-draconian, non-Victorian property rights and tax laws that respect the notion that same sex couples can be just as committed and just as caring as any other type of marriage. The church and the government have absolutely no defendable right to hang around in your bedroom and tell you what you can and can't do... and they shouldn't have any right to tell the population whom they can love and how. But that is an old argument. This one has more to do with why a heterosexual couple is more deserving of the benefits that our tax dollars support than a gay couple.

It doesn't seem to matter to the government or the church when their hands are out asking for money who we call our partner... but now that these couples are getting old enough to know that they deserve pay back just like the rest of society... everybody has to whip it out and have a pissing contest about the issue. They're the worst kind of hypocrites ever.

Fuck that and screw you. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band said it best with "Do your own thing, and don't touch me!"

//rant off.

Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Jacks In The Box

An eviction show! Oh boy... a crusty old guy that refuses to accept that the immature behaviour he is being subjected to is nothing more complex than other players exercising their self interest. Jack whines non-stop tonight and is only outdone by Erika’s omnipresent tears.

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anyone have any idea how to reach janedeau


Happy Birthday H-girl...

I hope this year finds you in good health and with the love of your main squeeze Gray and the little angle surrounding you.