July 30th, 2003


Big Brother4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Veto Night... aka The Exorcist

Heads spinning around, eyeballs poked, ritual sacrifices, curses... oh the curses... and Linda freaking Blair, bikini clad, drunk in a hot tub with her face in Reverend Justin’s’ lap.
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angy faces... :D

Geo and I got together for day one of the Angry Face pictures... :D

welcome to day 3 of the smoke free me.
No, I have no idea how long I'll keep track of days...
I envision saying "Well it's been 11,000 days since my last smoke ... and I still want one"...
however, we'll see.

If you're in Toronto today...
and going to the show...
have a blast !!!

Music is the orginal time machine...

~ gray ftls
~ lt beige p-z cargos
~ beige t-shirt with a blue silk shirt over it...
~ smashing my head against the walls in my office...
~ who me? over dramatic... tough ... kill me now... and when I'm dead... cover my body in nicotine patches.
~ gotta get some shit ready for a meeting that I've got tomorrow.
~ gotta get jiggy with the lab hardware again.. .blah.
~ more BB4 tonight... it's "get the fuck outta my house" night tonight
~ that I didn't stay up till like 3:00 am last night... (Yeah, I know... I'm like a freaking vampire or something... and you should have seen the BLACK slashes under my eyes when I got up today. I'm going to be tonight ... before 1:00 ppppppppromise's self.
~ to point out that I cannot imagine how I could more impressed with nordicgrrl... why? because she's The Deb. She's like a superstar... didn't you know?
~ that I could do something special for my Burbank chiqueta... kristylicious
~ that the Notorious Kym nbbmom isn't too surprised by how not-tall the Head of her Canadian Fan Club is... :D hahaha...
~ to remind jennfromtx that happiness is not a destination. It's a way of life and a path you walk. If I can walk with you for a while we can look for happy things together. :D
~ the very best of days for the unbelievably precious princessblondie... just 'cause.
~ to remind beachdog to clean that pool...
~ good luck to ectv on the job prospect... :D
~ and that her highness... Lady flirtini enjoys her trip to Italy... :D
~ um... wow... blue but cracks are the bomb... somebody back me up on this... 'cause the1mouse needs to know... commando bluejean blue butt crack is sexxxxxxah! :D

Do you know this song? man... it's one of the ultimate driving songs... I first heard it when I was eighteen... that's twenty three years ago... when I was in Amsterdam... a new release. I have the foggiest memories of being hard hard hard core stoned on thai sticks when I first heard this song... haha.. ah life is so full of bizarre moments that center around songs... Believe me, I think this is a great thing. Songs are timeless... and you can slap on a song and be transported through time.
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