July 29th, 2003


hi... 2


~ I'm deciding that I look pretty dorky lately in the smiling me pics.
~ I think I need a week of looking angry or something to turn the mental thing around... :D

K... It's day 2. So far... no biggy. No desire to cheat ... yet. gah...

Hey... a friend in lj needs to be linked to the source for one of those scripts that resets all your journal entries to private or friends only or something... any ideas? Was it in lj_nifty?

~ red stripy ftls... :D
~ dk blue dockers
~ turquois - sorry... not even going try to spell that right - Kc shirt...
~ big work day... ik... people waiten on me... so I gotta spend a lot of time down at it... (versus here...)
~ tonight?? Big Brother 4 is gonna be great tonight...
~ plenty of geeky things waiting for my attention in the land of my web stuff...
~ no soccer tonight... cool. :D
~ saw'en away at sm'ore wood to continue the "big goofy project" (which I'm love'en btw).
~ That my far away friend Jacqui... that she's enjoying her new and very pretty house... (yeah, I mean you Wicks baby... :D)
~ that the hangover daikan surely has today... gets better soon... :D (giggle)
~ a happy birthday out to dotcomdude who I don't actually know but knowing dotcombabe is kinda fun... (yeah, they're a couple)... Happy Birthday yo! :D
~ just a whole bunch of good vibrate'en karma to a sweet friend alcestis who could maybe use a break today... I hope something comes to surprise you sugar.
~ to just say hey to xellos... She's something special. I'm so glad to see you around again. :D
~ that little Sugar-Bree (breekola) doesn't fall asleep at work... 'cause then she might bonk her head on her monitor... and you don't want to press that forehead against anything today sguar... :D

The radio was talking about sexual assault statistics this morning... some Stats Canada report... 6 out of 10 reported assaults are girls under 18. And that's prol'y low because so many go unreported... as in "What do you mean you were at Billy's party? We told you not to go! And you were drinking? Well young lady, you're grounded..." and of couse, little Veronica is going to fess up to being sexually assaulted after that... But I kept seeing the movie "American Pie" in my head as they were interviewing specialists is the field of womens support... I mean, that movie represented one sexual assault after the next given some of the contemporary definitions... I dunno... I agree that boys are fucking idiots when they push themselves on a girl in a juvinile setting and blame alcohol all you want... they're fucking morons... I had a "friend" that I found out had raped this mutual friend ... not that he would ever call it rape... hell, he's prol'y too dim to know the difference... but I tell ya, if I had known at the time I would have pushed him off a cliff. It's such a big topic... ug.

Oh, and did you hear... the girl that Kobe Bryant is supposed to have assaulted... her identy was revealed this morning... turns out it was Bob Barker in drag. Poor Toby.
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ok... right now... this moment... this is the first serious moment of "oh man I wanna have a smoke" since I woke up yesterday...
This is not good. I'm fine... don't worry... but man... this is the feeling I am so not looking forward to.

You (I) start thinking... (kiss) man.. I will have to live (kiss) the rest of my life with this feeling... like I want to have a smoke (kiss) right now.

Oh man...
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Z took the boys to Smiths Falls yesterday... there's a Hershey Factory there...

A Reese Peanut Butter Cup made... yesterday... a Cherrie Blossom made... yesterday... oh god... clearly takes yer mind off smokes...

Although I can't actually survivor doing this every time I want a smoke... I'd fill up my cube right quick... I'd be this huge cube... filling my cube... oh man... the imagery is evil... Kind of a Veruca Salt thing when she blew up as a blueberry with her head poking out the top... imagine a big cube shaped corto with a head sticking out the top... gah... hmmm better off smoking... hahaha ok ok just kidding...

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There is some serious rain on it's way... eak...

Ok... so you know when you come across a plant in the house that has been hiding on ya...
all kinda dried up and looking seriously dead. The good green thumb knows 'nuf
to strip off the dead bits and water that little puppy to bring it back...

When it happens with me... (rarely, because Z is a rather good green thumb person)
I clear off the dead bits and then water it.
Then I reach a hand over to it,
and point one finger towards the plant.
I get my hand close... almost touching it,
then close my eyes and concentrate on the plant.
Healthy, green, vibrant... think think think think...
and then touch it.
Then I open my eyes.
And, of course, nothing has happened.
but imagine...
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... and... ... we're done. :D

Time for home.

A good day... but I got the itch today... ug.
Dinner at my SIL's house and home to load the kids towards bed... oh, and maybe finish Goblet of Fire tonight... I'm really enjoying the ending... but yikes...pretty scary stuff for wee little guys. and then ... BB tonight.

If you're a bb fan... remember to set your VCR's. :D