July 28th, 2003



Welcome to day one. So far so good...
You know what? I stretched that "last pack" out, just like I planned ...
it lasted till last night...
and when I went to bed...
there were actually two left ...
I crushed those lil-bastards up and tossed 'em. (proud of self moment)

~ red ftls...
~ dk beige dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt...wohooo... I'm all match'en 'n stuff.
~ shit kicker shoes... which I actually remembered to spray with that tanna stuff
~ on not smoking... no really... not one, no way not at all.
~ gah... work is going to suck today... way to freaking much on my plate... must start a mad round of deligating...
~ tonight? more work on the garage cupboard thing...
~ oh, and Geo has a Soccer practice after work... :D
~ first and foremost... I'm all big brain drain'en on wishes in my heart for a good friend that has truley made a difference in my world by doing nothing more remarkable than by being a good guy... my thoughts are with you knightsdawn
~ and nagylover I hope that temp comes down and ya feel bedda sugar.
~ thatthingido Time to count your blessings sugar.... I'm sorry about your bosses loss... I can't imagine either.
~ and a big helping of "wishes for strength" over to a good woman and a good friend lindalee_
~ just shooting love and lots of it over to passerine... just 'cause.
~ wishing? well I can't stop doing happy dances when I think about ladyfire
~ and a whole bunch of wish'en for Jodi (rivet) and her good good little short haired man allyn :D

The world is a complicated place sometimes... not the big one, where all that war, politics and social action takes place... no. The world we actually live in... it extends maybe 100 miles in every direction from the place you wake up in every morning. I have a few friends that are trying really very hard to gather in the threads of their world close enough to sort them out properly. I hold a place in my heart that fills up with love for you guys and hopes against all other hopes that you weave those threads back from the tangle to make something comfortable. What ever happens... if you find that friends love you like all get out while your working on the hard stuff... well, it's gotta make the effort a little more worthwhile yo.

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas.
And I'll be sure to let you know if I kill anyone grrrrrrr... :D


~ those little tiny itty bitty grapes... are so freaking sour my face threatens to implode...

~ I can close my eyes and see bob hope and bing doing the slapstick cowboy and sailor comedies ... rest in piece bob-the-builder...

~ if I had me some psychomagnet in my house??? I'd feed her up good... yup... she'd be burping. (and I'd catch that on video, of course)

~ I think I've turned to lj about 10 times so far to day (it's only 11:00) to type "damn, I wanna go for a smoke"... but I realize that would drive you freaking crazy... and everybody knows it's not a good idea to drive you friends crazy...

~ Do you know what busking is? Have you ever thought of lj as a form of busking... where the comment is the currency...

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ok... every time I start wanting a smoke...
I close my eyes and think about kissing.

You know... slow kisses...
where it takes overlong to actually connect the lips,
as you anticipate the sensation.
Fingers climbing into hair up the back of a soft neck...
Sliding lips down to envelop a full bottom lip
and not so gently bite it,
and then kiss it better.
A tongue, trailing over her lips
and the moisture of the kiss as aggression sets it...
moisture that cools skin around my lips as she
literally smears her mouth across my lips,
suddenly pushing herself towards my hip bone
I pull her hair, her head tips back, and a subtle noise escapes her lips.

oh... yeah... sorry... ok, I'll stop... freaking cigs.

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Like I give a rats ass that there are unused icons on my desktop... stop bugging me you festering little maggot.... ahhh again with the little box. die die die... click click click....

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"I won't be offended... I'll be too dead to be offended"

I dunno... something about that line just cracks me up... possibly it's just a mood thing.

either way... it's time for the biggest test of the day. Not one part of my day is more geared around a smoke that the drive home from work... stuck in shitty traffic and popping to the music.

See ya tonight. :)