July 27th, 2003


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ok... managed a few good geek moments... and a general zone of sleep is wrapping around me...
Several lines of the letter "a" don't work in a web page... (nods off while thinking... um... thinking? yeah, I guess that's what it is.)

time for bed... night amigos...


knock knock knock... hello?

Dispelling all myths that he has an ounce of self respect... corto shows off the head-hug and admits that he spends way to much staring at the computer monitor, in this position. Recently overheard... "I find it relaxing."

~ brilliantly bright orange t-shirt...
~ sweat pants
~ and a layer of sleep that needs washing off...
~ shower...
~ Home Depot ... to buy wood... new project... dumpsters were not give'en it up for me yesterday. (rain was a factor).
~ work on said project...
~ smoke the last few cigs in this pack and call it quits...
~ definitely watch a movie tonight...
~ I had something to do with the kids today... but chances are the neighbors will take 'em for a good chunk of the day to play with their kids (the neighbors kids were here all afternoon yesterday... it's kind of a kid-ping-pong-game that goes on until they're old enough to run away... )
~ that I could meet you... I think I'd prol'y like you... I mean, I've been thinking about this... if I thought I wouldn't like you, if I met you, would I remove you from my friends list because... well, I prol'y wouldn't like you? I think so... the thing of it is... in my real world... my day to day thing... there are so few people I actually "dislike" that it's probably shocking. I think it takes too much work to actively dislike someone... always been a bit in favour of the "easiest path" and holding grudges and general disdain... way way too much work.
~ that my friends Mat and Shann... enjoy their time with little Mat... It's time well earned.

Ok that S2 thing is really driving me nutz... I like my friends pages... but I have no love of my main page... I hope I can tool that S2 thing to look like I want on my friends page... we shall see ... (flex's finger muscles in preparation for a little S2 action... )

alrighty... the day bellows... hmmm or was that the children... must go check. Then it's shower time.
See ya.

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ok... and it starts... home with a car full of wood and big ideas...

Now, of course, I get to play with power tools... which is a good and a bad thing. (when is it not?)

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Chapter 32. Flesh, Blood and Bone.

No, that's not the process of me building a cabinate... That's one of the final chapters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I "pre-read" it this morning at it's just too darn scary for reading to Geo at night ... right before bed... so we're gonna go read it now on the porch with some snacks. :D

Another day, another project.

so today has been a bit of a blast... mind you I'm on some kind of nominal nicotine freak thing...

I went to Home Despot and gave 'em about 18$ for some carefully picked out woody-bits... even had the guy at the "we'll do the first three cuts for free" saw - huge ass saw - give me about 5 cuts and he was only too happy to help... seems the first 5 cuts are free if you're not a dick. :D

So I messed around at my work bench a cutting and sorting and trimming the wood...
... and a goofy little [ :: animated gif :: ] is here of that effort...

By the end of the day, factoring in Edwards soccer game and making
a kick ass Rainbow Trout dinner (wicked spicy recipe... I love it),
I managed to get the left and right frames cut and screwed together.

[ click the picture for the full on view ]

Dig the groovy join in the wood... [ :: a picture of the join :: ]
A cross support will be screwed into that space at the top to form an even corner. Note: I can think of no really good reason for all the complication except that it's fun to fart around.

And, of course, a picture of the complex blueprints, developed at Corto's Industrial Design Think Tank
[ :: are available here for your viewing pleasure. :: ]

Ok, so this is all pretty hokey stuff...
but when you have to use a giant hand held circular saw and pretend it's a jig saw...
well, you take what you can get. :D
(and yes, I know, I will never derive an income from carpentry... but it's fun!)