July 25th, 2003


Mooooorning. :D

Ok... so we took a more normal picture too... you can see the [ :: web site friday picture here :: ]

It's a friday... gah... friday already? the week was a bang-zoom kinda week... (think The Honeymooners there... and if that makes no sense to you, then ... well, that's ok... to the moon alice!!)
Hey... I bought a HP Photosmart 7150 last night... very-not-expensive-yo! and the pictures it prints are phenomenal...wowzers wowowowowowow!!!!!

~ uber comfy sox... no biggy but man... happy feet yo.
~ black and gray stripe-y ftls
~ p-z lt beige ...er... maybe cream but I hate calling pants "cream colour"... cargos, er... the [ :: other picture :: ] (week 21... and nobody has disowned me for these pics... cool)
~ [ ::STRONG BAD T-SHIRT :: ] and a two tone blue thing...
~ hmm well, it's friday... and I got maybe 50% of what I wanted to do this week done... and considering I planned on doing 200% this week... I suppose I'm doing ok.
~ write about The Amazing Race (good god, the mole is dead... wohoo)
~ lunch? hopefully, lunch with my own personal sugar bowl. :D
~ opening my last pack... I've read that having a "last pack" is better than setting a quit day... given the tendency will be to stretch the last pack out and hence reduce the nic intake... (and don't gimmi that frozen turkey thing... tried that... I kept pulling old lady's out of their cars through the drivers window and beating them up for tailgating.)
~ actual work... wow.
~ Big Brother is on tonight... so, yeah... tape tape tape... :D
~ to thank sweet abbybaby ... and sometimes59 for offering up "quit buddy" status... it's gonna be a threesome... er... a corto quits sammich. ahh the imagery. :D
~ you could help me understand why I get such a kick our of comic_getfuzzy... monkey monkey monkey monkey... I almost shot coffee out my nose.
~ that the south would hurry up and free the gardengnomegarden_gnomes, it's gotta be hard to a sheep of colour... :D (can you guess I'm working on an inside joke there?)
~ a few deeply felt wishes of love, understanding and general hope for a sweet, and young woman in the north east... dearest ladyfire... so what if you like cats?
~ to send some good vibes over to atariprincess... just 'cause. :D squeeeze.

time for a little mini rant action....

// rant on
Do you have any freaking idea how much it costs - and I'm talking tax money here... hence YOUR money... MY money - to have any kind of a provincial, state or federal agency run an association and administer a registry? Is it really that big a giant bloody deal to ignore your phone, or answer it, say "no", and hang up... better yet, answer it, say "one moment please", put it down and go have dinner?

Just because people are pissing about telemarketers we have the ND-BleedingHeart-P pushing a NoCall-Registry... trying to ride the coattails of the recent fed move in the states, which was a move to capitalize on the climate created by several state sponsored NoCall-Registries. Geezus... what a gravy train... I think I'll get in on the NoCall-Registry bandwagon... bah! Believe me, it's a sink hole of money to set this stuff up, let alone administer. And I promise you that you will get sick of the sob stories about all the people put out of work by the registry... You will be wishing nobody had ever mentioned the concept when those companies hurt by this registry are receiving EVEN MORE TAX DOLLARS as compensation when what they all needed in the first place was people to NOT BUY SHIT from them so they go out of business the old fashioned way.

Don't forget, the telemarketers that you hate will have to "pay" to get the list so they can "not call you" and when they do call, and get caught, they'll have to cough up a $15,000 fine... so, they say, it'll be fully funded by the marketing companies. Please now picture me doing one of those "coughs into hand saying BULLSHIT" things... and the National Gun Registry will be gun-owner funded too... HA!

So that you don't have to get yer ass out of a chair and muster the internal fortitude to tell someone on your phone to go fuck themselves we are all going to pay millions and millions of dollars in taxes to set up a system that;
a) doesn't stop your bank from selling your number to any number of companies flogging everything from toasters to RRSPs... because you're a "pre-existing customer" and
b) doesn't actually do shit but create more rules to be administered, broken and enforced.

Where the hell is Emperor Tao when we need him... He came into power in ancient china by claiming that he would cut crime in half the day he was made emperor. So what did he do when they gave him the fancy robes? He whipped out his sword and cut the law book in half and burned the half that fell off the table "there... half the crimes just disappeared". No law should be made, no rule put in place, to protect peoples right to be a suck. You can ... you should enforce that yourself.
// rant off

phew... ah... that felt good. :D

Ok... off to have a day... see ya.
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yeah... so...

feeling like you just don't have enough random acts of rich-person kindness under your belt?

Let me help you out... feel free to whip out the ol'amex and buy me [ :: this :: ]

I'm pretty sure I can be your bitch for a while after ... mmk.


Geek component envy, of course, results from any visit to Future shop (having gone last night to get Z a new printer).
Those new sony flat panel monitors make spittle dance on my lower lip... gah! :D

a few words about The Amazing Race...

The Amazing Race
Ok... I’ve thought it through, thoroughly (and please join me in dancing the dance of wide-wonder that the spell checker didn’t complain about any of that "ough" action). Milly and Chuck must never marry... they must, in fact, separate. That way we can be certain their genes will simply die off. After this show... no new date will ever be had for either of them... and if they elect to stay together, chemical castration should be mandatory.

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alrighti... day'z done...

headache seems to have settled in for the long haul...

time to go home and find my ol'friend Advil. :D

see ya... ;)