July 24th, 2003


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ok... nighti night.

Long day.

I finished redoing the "words" page on my web to use div tags and absolute positions instead of a big complicated table... well a series of nested tables... and put the archive of BB4 updates in. Mostly that was redoing some code that I will want to propogate across all the pages on my site... gah. Lots to do in that regard.

um... I like the nintendo 64 game "1080" (it's a goobish snow boarding thing... but it goes fast... weeeeee). :D

alright enough. See ya in the morning. :)


However, I wanted to use [ :: this picture :: ] but the file size was a bit much... load it up if you like and watch for a sec... patience yo.

Seems I have a demon inside to exercise...
and it's totally work related...
as I print up two years worth of time sheets...
to review how badly I'm getting fucked on my accumulated vacation. Bah!

It's a rainy day in the land of me but I'm guessing treating myself to a starbucks coffee at some point today will help bring a little sunshine my way.

~ blue ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ deep gray t shirt with the pale blue silk shirt
~ and comfy hushpuppys
~ well, all those time sheets...
~ project plan updates...
~ more more more project stuff... another busy day. (oh for lazy days... anyone wanna pay me to just screw around at home? come on... I need a sugar mommy... lol)
~ write about the first real fun in the BB4 season... :D
~ watch The Amazing Race tonight...
~ to snook over to webkin, giver her a hug and say "hang in there sugar-kin, it comes and goes..."
~ that imprincessapril reads this so she can see me saying "word, sugar... you are indeed sweet"
~ well, how do I say ... crushdmb... you are beautiful... just the way you are.
~ to point out that passerine is basically the double-ohs (that's cool talk for 2000's) version of "the girl in the white T-Bird" (american graffiti)
~ I was walking into the studios of 3WV in Charlottesville right now... so I could sneak up on nbbmomKym-Possible and smile at her... I've a good vibe for her world and want to give it to her... er, the vibe bro, come on! :D

ok... tabo topic here... I have to quit smoking cigarettes. It's tabo because I hate the topic more than you can imagine. Last time I made a real effort I managed like six months. I've made several cheep half hearted efforts in the last year... I need to do this but I'm afraid to start. I'm cooking up a "quit date" (and please don't tell me ... "just do it"... I'm not a nike customer). The time ... the day ... is coming. I guess I'm mentioning it here because I need to start making the plans real and this is a good way for me to do that.

ug.. ok, I gotta git... talk soon muchachos y muchachas...
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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Ahhh the Garden Path....

The second "get the fuck out of my house" episode was bang on!!! Now if we could just figure out who’s talking when you hear that.

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... and that's a wrap.
The day started off covered in a blanket of steel gray clouds spitting like mad... and it's become... well, sunny.

Of course, I'll be careful getting my sunglasses... but I'll enjoy the "it's not raining" status of the drive home.

An evening without plans... no soccer, no appointments, no special requirements... other than watching Amazing Race.

yup... this will be a nice night... and it will be capping a really good day.
I got me a good day under my belt. Happy belt. :)

Now I'm wishing that all y'all* had a grand day as well... See ya later.

ps. "all y'all" I know, I know... but I have sooooo many friends in lj from texas, that it's like I'm paying respect to them. :)