July 22nd, 2003


You want to use a spoon, but use a fork... it's more fun to poke at it for a bit before ya bite.

(dorky day, my cheeks may just explode one day...)

Hola!! You know... if someone would just pay me to sleep in and laze about the house...well, I'm just say'en ... I could dig that for a while. :D
The radio on the way to work gave me the following weather report; "Sunny periods, warm, with cloudy patches, rain and thunderstorms, high of 26, cooling off." Talk about covering your bases... That would be from the K-Tel Weather Predictor I'm thinking.

Me? great mood... good sleep and good vibes in the world of me. k'mere... stand over here... real close. I'm betting some of these vibes will rub off. :)

You know, Joe Jackson and Steve Miller... they had a really good groove for a while there... I can always find space to enjoy Steve Miller... and I was kinda impressed by a Joe Jackson remake I heard on the radio today.

and... of course, I forgot to bring posters in today... gah!

~ red stripe-ee ftls, comfy to the max
~ dk beige dockers
~ deep red p-z golf shirt
~ shit kicker shoes, little ratty but they make my feet feel like a bag of sixes, so whadeva.
~ work? this is the goofy week... time to shine while the bosses are away so, basically, killa busy.
~ put three Remedy developers in a room and make 'em fight about how to build the rule set for a ticket correlation engine... and if that makes any sense to you... you can feel my pain.
~ scour an archive of all the image files on my server (collected over the last three years) and sort out some gallery conents. :D
~ BB4 is on tonight... tape tape tape... :D
~ I made some headway on retooling the words-page html format for my web space, so I'm keen on propogating new code... we'll see if I get any of that done... (I need to learn dhtml I think)
~ a welcome home wish to my sugar pixiecup ... and yeah, I know she's not "my" sugar...she's still sugar though... the very sweetest kind.
~ shooting some positive vibes way down to florida to a great friend and hoping the day works out... go go raylenetaskoski
~ that the polarbear'man gets some descent sleep tonight... is that descent or decent? not the downward sloping kind of thing but the better-than-shit sorta thing... gah
~ that a friend in far away Bath... sweet webkin... keeps feeling better...
~ that snwbrdette doesn't get too far caught in the "drive 'em" for a sleep trap... and boy, do I have memories of driving baby Geo around in his car seat trying to get him to go to sleep... :D :D

The day is really jonesing for me to pay attention to it... so I gotta jet...

I hope you all have a great Tuesday... it's just a few short days away from the weekend.... but don't hold yer breath... you don't wanna be blue on a friday. :D

ps. I get here in the morning and zoom through two "35 posts back" clicks worth of friends pages... heading towards the point in time that I posted a ni-ni... and as I scroll along I either read... read and comment, or right click "post comment" to a new window... this last bit is the official "I'm saving you for a bit, but I want to read it..." So now I have like 15 explorer windows open. :D haha... I'm such a journal junky. :D