July 20th, 2003



Yeah, so I managed to miss the bb4 show on friday night... not, by any stretch, the end of the world, but still and all... it's a continuity thing. :D
Oh and a friend handed me a big surprise... I opened email to find access to the BB4 live feeds.. .hahaha... so I've managed to see them being killer boring a few times... I remember during BB1 when the live feeds were free and Z and I watched then night after night... gah... the time committement was crazy. For now, it's on a reduced time deal to keep my sanity in place.

Yesterday was a good day... lot's of job-jar stuff got done, and spent a good long time hanging with a neighbor. :D It's nice to not have "evil neighbor" reports to make for a change... lol.

~ er... black ftls
~ black t
~ blue sweats...
~ to continue the difficult process of waking up!!
~ shower? definately a shower. :D
~ to finish up a few little projects... fixing a "video" and sorting through a lot of pictures... (man we take a lot of pictures)
~ to figure out how to get the only missing "segment" from a download of Fridays' BB4 epi... I missed it... sniff... :(
~ sunday? Pretty sure I have some kind of soccer thing this aft with George... or is it Ed?
~ well, that I can get "part01" of the download...
~ that I could buy my buddy Keith (nortacon) a beer... :D
~ that my sweet friend moowazz is doing well... she's candy you know...
~ for a day of good vibes to be there for canuckgirl... just 'cause.
~ a little "welcome home" to chrissmari ... :)
~ that mobiusant gets what she's wishing for... ;)
~ and hoping that nbbmom has a good time on her twin-wheels-of-vibrating-delight... :D ... er.. motorcycle... :D

There are far too many shows on The Life Network ... Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, The Good-The Bad-The Ugly, etc... etc... etc... (quick, picture Yule Brenner saying "etcetera etcetera etcetera"... or are you old enough for that?)


and there was great joy in mudville... and a video cd of Fridays bb4 show sits in my dvd player working just fine, thank you very much. :D

So thanks again nortacon for all your effort... I realize that prol'y took forever to upload. :D

It's pretty damn geeky fun to be able to zap zap zap at the internet and then cook up a dvd to play of a show you want to see, regardless of the show or circumstances.



seriously random;

~ that movie "Down and Out In Beverly Hills"... that was a really good movie. It hit a lot of deep spots.

~ I'm 40 something years old and I still cannot hold a fresh, plastic wrapped, big honking cucumber from from the crisper without brandishing it like a saber and having a crude thought.

~ there's nothing like knowing the chiar pillows are out on the porch when you hear the rain start to make the pee your taking somehow become this never ending thing that threatens to become a world record.

~ my sis-in-law (brothers main squeeze) picked up the boys and took them and their cousin to the movies this afternoon... they saw "sinbad"... This is a very nice thing to do for someone. ya know...

a birthday roundup... :D

Holy Birthday Batman...

So please accept my sincere appologies for missing out on your special days...
I know all'y'all have given me far more attention lately than I've been giving back.
I also know it's not really a problem but, for the record, I don't want to miss out
on giving birthday props to any of you...

That being said, let me just catch up and see if I can stay on top of it again. :D

July 4 was a birthday for luker and iamharmony;
luker is a big boy now... No seriously, I met Luc many years ago through a user group for some hard core geek stuff and ever since that chance meeting, our lives have become enourmously interwoven and, to my very great fortune, we have built up a genuin friendship that I value maybe even more than he will ever realize. Luc is an honest, caring and dedicated man and I can wish nothing less than for the year ahead to bring him ever greater amounts of joy as he and his darling wife (reens) work to bring up baby (Daniel) and find their way in the world of parenthood. Happy somewhat late birthday brother.

iamharmony!!! Happy Late Birthday Harmony. We found one another through the ever precious serraph and it has been a pleasure to get to see the parts of your life that you have shared. It is - corney as this may sound - a great pleasure to get to know good women with sound judgements and beautiful hearts. You are a genuin woman and i have a great deal of respect for you. I hope this year brings you closer to the people you love and gives you a wealth of opportunities to express youself.

July 6 was laekia's birthday... Happy Birthday Brianna... I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation and ... snicker, that you managed to recap a little of your spirit while Kaitlyn was away... :D I hope you mark off days and weeks of great times with your family Bri...

July 8 was nagylover's birthday... Happy Birthday Dana!! I'm glad that you have had the chance to bring yourself so much happiness with the friendships that have come to you in your journal... and I hope that we keep ours. May you have a year of making great memories and find the the chances to cherish those memories.

July 10 was bloojanuary's birthday!! Ya big goof... I just think the world of you sugar and I do very much hope this is a great year for you. You remain an absolute treasure in my journal world and it will be my great pleasure to keep our contact up for many years to come. :D Happy Birthday sugar.

July 11 was moxielass's birthday! Happy birthday sugar... I hope you get through that program... so close to the degree... May this year bring your goals to your hands and may your hands find good places to store them. :)

July 13 was litswd's birthday. Happy Birthday Lisa... You've managed to stick with me for so very long... I do appreciate your friendship and I hope this birthday marks the begining of a year that turns pages in the story of you towards chapters that are writen with loving friendships and good relationships.

July 15 !!!!! Happy Late Birthday Dear Kaylee!!! kaylee!!! Happy Birthday (late but still) sweety... You're a wonderful friend and I hope that this next year brings to you great success with the kids... with the home... and with your family. Let the troublemakers fade away and replace them in your world with the experiences of great shared friendships. Have a wonderful year.

July 17 was badaboom's birthday! Dude... I know you're not much involved in the world of the shared journals but that doesn't change for one second my hope that you have a great year!! I hope that your year ahead brings good health to your house and that you can not only chase dreams but catch them too. Happy Birthday.

July 18 was just_jo's birthday... Happy Birthday Jo! You've such a wonderful family and so much to experience ... just around the corner!!! I hope your next year is one without drama of the bad sort and filled with all that good kinda drama that being a parent lets you experience. Be well and enjoy this year sugar.

and ...

July 19 was acoolsecretary's birthday!! COOL Huh... :D Happy belated Birthday Nad sugar... You are a woman who knows the value of a mask - not an emotional one mind you... but the real deal... and you have a knack for bringing smiles to my face. Thank you sugar... I hope this is a wonderful year for you and with all the friendships that are blossoming in your world.. I have every expectation that the year will go just the right way. Take care sugar and I look forward to our continued friendship. :D