July 18th, 2003


MOOOrning... er... was that moooo?

Am I not simply beeeeeeautiful... don't ya just wanna kiss me...

Yeah... it's funky time in casa de'corto this morning. The boys were up before either of us... hahaha... and it's a work day??? I was...er, well late.

// mini rant
You know... I don't understand some people... there's some shit going on with the photochallenge that has basically spelled the end to a lovely game... and why? Well, who knows really, but on the surface it smells a lot like some squirthead is jealous of the phenominal success that the community has had. Ellen, the community mod... the force behind the deal, is getting a hard time and for what??? Nothing. If photochallenge folds... it will be a loss and it will represent the very worst that people can bring to the table of a net community.... pettiness and immaturity. Get a life ya bangers and leave the good people alone to do ... well... the good things.
// rant off

~ red stripe-ee ftls
~ blue jeans... just out of the wash... mmmm comfy... [ :: egad... still doing the "other picture" ... so shoot me. :: ] :D
~ STRONG BAD T... 'cause it has a slimming effect... hahahaha...
~ silk like shirt thingy.
~ zooom to work and get this done...
~ team meeting to talk SLAs and Remedy tickets... geek land is calling...
~ write a quick something about The Amazing Race
~ deal with tonight.
~ with every fiber of my heart... I am wishing a quiet little wish for my friend ... for a treasured friend kimberly27616.
~ that today doesn't stay too crazy for wrapper and I'm glad things is groove with your little girl bro.
~ to point out that a smile races across my memory when I see my lil'sugar xellos... some ikzayakuzamanchuxykonuki sugar if there ever was any. (giggle) I hope the card comes in sistah! (like the little "!" at the end of "sistah"?? makes it all black and stuff...)
~ to piont out that breekolaBree-Oh-Gee-the-Sugar-Kola has the right of it... banana popcicles are the best!!!!
~ and a wish for my friends jamesbaxter and ceara... I hope the dilantin is a lucky shot in the dark... and watch for a skin rash yo.
~ that a remarkable girl... in far away Bath, England, would catch a break... You are a great woman Ellen... er... that's webkin muchachos y muchachas.
~ and finally, a "good luck girl" off to eiffelgirl I hope today works for you sugar.

What is with the mooooo? dunno... but it's there ... it's mooooo day.

ps. Tonight is the night that our families will come together in a funeral parlor near home to hold a friends visit thing... I don't know what to call it... it's not a service and it's not the funeral. That will wait for a while and be in Montreal at Mount Royal. Tonight will be an important part of the family process and I hope we all come through it much improved.

Ok... gotta jet... see ya.
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A few words on the "Amazing Race..."

The Amazing Race

The first "burn" episode... we’ve cut down the original gang to the last few teams that, honestly, defy all possible sensibilities... I mean, you know that feeling when you realize that you would actually slap another human being just for being who they are... I swear Chuck is like the guy that shows up on a "Leno Man On The Street" segment saying that Canada is somewhere in the north of Africa.

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