July 16th, 2003



Thank you my friends...
for the swell of well wishing and supportive words...
Your emotional support as suzanne deals with her fathers passing is very touching.
It's a trying time in her family but, this is what family is all about...
coming together to bring support and love.

There's not a whole lot to do except let the family process kick in and churn away.
As that happens, I'll do my level best to be exactly what z needs me to be.
Again... that's what families do.

~ red ftls
~ dk blue shorts
~ dk blue p-z shirt with white stripes... hmmm white stripes...
~ to look after the boys while Z spends some time with her mom...
~ to not go to work today... and take care of the family stuff...
~ prol'y take Geo to his soccer game... if the weather holds.
~ write something up about the insanity that is Big Brother 4.
~ to figure out how to embrace the notion that this event will, in time, serve to bring z and I both happy memories of his life each year on her birthday.
~ I could get caught up in lj but alas, this will not happen.
~ I do see that izzicam is doing well and I'm happy that the boys and their procrastinating ways have worked in her favour.
~ and that Jodi and allyn are making some amazing ... simply breathtaking memories on their Thai adventures.
~ to shoot a "go you" over to grrrrrrrrrrrowl for her good graces in dealing with family.
~ to smile at kat69m... because it's nice to have her around, if even only a little.
~ and to shoot a "how's the head" vibe over to crushdbm... snicker, and sugar? It's going to work out. There'll be no giving up this week mmk.

It's a strange thing indeed... that we went camping with serious rain storms bookending the trip... We had such perfect weather for the trip. That was a kindness indeed from the crack head, Mother Nature.

Ok... I'll see all y'all later. Things to unpack and clean ... :D
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