July 12th, 2003


BB4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

I’ll take "acts like a slut" for 600$ Alex.

Ok... sort of an Animal House meets The Story Of O and Clueless thing. Which basically translates into expecting to see David fill his cheeks with mashed potatoes and spew them onto Michelle’s half naked, writhing body in perfectly matched colour coordinated skimpy tight things. No way! ohhh ma gawd! you didant? No way!

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It's a busy morning in the house of us... lots to get ready and kids to corral.

Oh, look at the picture... see that gash on my forehead... moving into my new cube at work, I stood up...into the key that was waiting in the lock of the "overhead"... scrrrrrrrrrrrape!. I looked at the key... there was a piece of me stuck to it... ick. Of course, Edwards only comment, while looking concerned, was to say... "Nope... not harry potter... it has to go down, then up, then down again!".

~ black ftls
~ blue sweats
~ and a hoodie
~ to actually wake up...
~ shower, shave and face the day!!
~ prep stuff for camping trip
~ kids to parents house for the evening... while we go to the Blues Brothers... :D
~ it was sunny and warm outside... :( it's gray and c-c-c-c-c-cold.
~ that nbbmom has a great GREAT ride today. !!!
~ that...er, thatthingido ... well... just that she's a happy girl.

See ya soon. :D