July 8th, 2003


:D Good Morning...

You know... I have a smile this big (does a little hand gesture thing...) today. And as much as I like my morning picture
I thought I'd share my smile too... [ :: so click for a smiling corto shot :: ]

~ blue ftls... (not a whole lot is as comfy as brand new boxer briefs)
~ dk blue dockers
~ fire apple red p-z golf shirt
~ more lab development ... putting HP OVO on a solaris system
~ fix a bunch of problems with "resources usage" on the big-ass project plan... evil ms project... just evil...
~ PRINTING OFF THE E-TICKETS I have to go see Dan Akroyd and Jim Belushi this Saturday Night... ('does a little dance)
~ to tape and watch epi 1 of the Big Brother 4 show tonight...
~ still need to finish the "calendar" part of the water colour web site...
~ that sweet friend lilspot82 has a nice day today.
~ to remind the world that my St. Kits sugar-booty girl, lakme, remains one of my very favourite fresh fruits... best consumed with a spoon.
~ that khisanth controls herself if she comes across any visiting virgin Chinese dignitaries today... especially if they're Royalty.
~ to point out that gravity makes a pretty cool looking bug, man.
~ that I can get away with shamelessly sending a little lj love over to kendokamel 'cause she makes me smile.
~ remember [ :: Rob? ::] well landmark is pulling off serious "dude" (a picture in his journal).
~ to thank the ever adorable Egg Girl (xaheras)... um... just 'cause. :D
~ to scream about the fact that I cannot get enough breekola... :D She's just the cats pajamas...

We watched "The Crucible" (daniel day lewis and wynona ride'me'hard'and'don't'let'go)... a very distrubing movie about the Salem Witch Trials... Man... people were can be so seriously fucked up over religious dogma. bah! a pox on the whole concept! You know... it's easy to look back and say "wow... well I'm glad we progressed since then..." but dude... look around. Do you really think the Salem Witch Trials ever ended?
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ok... done.

I got a lot done today... feels good. :D

Tonight? Well for sure Big Brother...

Have you ever heard of a card game called "wizards"... it's a normal deck of cards with "wizard and jester" cards added... anyways... Geo, Z and I play this before Geo goes to bed.. he just loves this game.

I have happy feet today... :D

Should I write bb4 updates??? hmmm....

Alrighty... time to join the traffic gang heading home. Have a great evening...

ps... and I miss having krizsa for a cube buddy... I haven't had any cube buddy action so far this week... have to fix that tomorrow. :D
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