July 7th, 2003


G'day mates...

(er... "mates" ...watched or heard-in-the-background "Kangaroo Jack" like four times this weekend... and it's a cute movie... but the bottom line remains... Estella Warren... sweet geezus. :D)

My little men start summer camp today... it's a day camp thing... not an overnight thing... but they are seriously jazzed. Z is all about being uber organized about their lunches, clothes 'n stuff. So this morning, after we all woke up when Geo tumbled out of bed ... BONK... it was a clockwork morning. I even got to work a half hour earlier than usual. One week of camp then we go on a family "camping" adventure. Thre's another week of day camp out there somewhere... the boss keeps track of that. :)

It's a sunny day and the evil kind of heat has broken... so basically it's a day made in heaven. Unless, of course, you have to spend your day in an office cubicle hoping that net cam enabled cube mates are findable. :D

~ red ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ hunter green shirt...
~ it's a move day at work... we (the team) are moving from one floor to another ... for a few months... not sure what this will do to online connectivity. We'll see.
~ more project stuff...
~ and maybe catch up on the set-up for the new Big Brother show... :D
~ just some thoughts and warm vibes over to abbeyrd.
~ hahaha... just say'en WORD to crushdmb... things are definately looking up huh sugar. :D
~ a "welcome home" type wish out to ladonne and her main squeeze tigerknight as they settle into their new digs.
~ that bre... breekola is ok ...well, glad she is after all...
~ that thatthingido gets rollerblades... red hair, rollerblades... and...er... well... you. What a great combination.
~ TODAY IS THE 7TH... and I think that means I'mma gonna see me some kristylicious again soon... I miss my burbank girl.
~ I met me some Tony! (tonyroomz)... he is best served with a generous helping of txdevil and some expensive wine. :D

So much to do... so little time... Have a great day yo... and I'll see if I can manage to find my back to some friends pages later. :D

You are beautiful... in every way...
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yeah so... remember this?
[ :: image of the new lamps :: ]

The lamps had to be weather protected... so I needed to put caulking around the base, against the bricks.

Please let your imagination slid here...
I bought the lamps at a local "small" hardware store...
and had to ask the young woman working customer service for the weather proofing advice and for the product.

No really... the convo included;
"So I need to squeeze thick black caulk all around the base?"

It was hard...

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Hey... mail box love'en in my world...

Thank you Lisa (krazyleesa)... it's very sweet of you to keep me in your thoughts. (that's graceland on the left - or my right depending on how analytical you are...)

and Thank you Cathy... once again!! (my canuckgirl post card collection is huge!!)... for the taste of Kentucky.


I have recieved an email in Hotmail from "Nancy Owen <raven@hotmail.com>"
with an attachment named : tegan.cpt.exe (a 96k attachment)

The body of the message is well tuned to look like it's from a Journal Friend.

The return address is not real and the attachment looks like a virus... DO NOT OPEN THAT ATTACHMENT.

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