July 6th, 2003



me? feeling really kinda great ... inside, outside and all over.

Ahhh... so much happened yesterday ... I hardly know where to begin. :D
It was a day filled with friends visiting, pictures, memories and warm squishy moments with Z. :D (that, btw, is pronounced zeeee, not canadian zed).

We watched "Gangs of New York" last night... well, z watched the first half and fell asleep on the sofa... and I watched till all-hours... what an amazing movie. Just "wow!!".

~ green ftls
~ blue cargo shorts
~ blue two tone T shirt...
~ clean sum'thin...
~ play with the boys a bit... (ignore 'em the rest of the time... ar ar ar)
~ Ed has soccer this afternoon... (like at 5:ish)
~ tonight? er... not sure... but prol'y more web work for my mom.
~ that compwizrd and chrissmari had a great time at Elvis Costello last night ... and a safe drive home!! :D
~ a happy 9th anniversary to sweet gardengnomeNikki-Snickey-Sweet-n-Sticky, the Garden Girl with a New Camera (wohoo!! :D)
~ to mention that I get a great vibe lately from pixiecup and her main squeeze of a music man, ofsilence... I'm glad.
~ that I get to see the "Cowboy" pictures from ratonil... and, of course, now I'm gonna have that "I wanna be your cowboy" song stuck in my head all day!! :D
~ to thank the stars that xaheras is safe... after a fire alarm at her apartment complex... yikes and gasp!!
~ that the heat breaks for crushdmb... who really does (ok ok ok) have it much worse than I ever do with uber levels of heat...
~ and a last little shot over to jobunches... and how nice her July 4th sounded... :D

So yesterday... Computer free day included one outstandingly geeky moment when a visiting luker helped me go through a bunch of server patches to my red hat server... the good part is that this meant he, reens and their little baby Daniel came to visit. :D

(click the pic)

[ :: and click me for another of this adorable little smiling baby... :: ]
... that's z (babyfatz), btw, holding Daniel... and reens in the background...

The day started with a door bell...neighbor kids wanting to play... and was simply filled with the boys being out and about with kids from next door and down the street... This is a particularly good thing... seeing the boys integrate so well with some friends that DON'T REQUIRE A CAR DRIVE to visit... :D

Then, after many phone calls, I managed to intercept a traveling chrissmari and compwizrd as they tooled along a highway literally passing out neighborhood... and had 'em pull off and come for a visit.
(click the pic)

[ :: click me for a Chrissi and Mike shot... :: ]
[ :: ... I even managed to get Chrissi to come upstairs for a web cam pic !! :D :: ]
It was fantastic to finally meet these two... she's more precious than words... and I rather enjoyed talking to Mike about his stuff... (and I'm glad I'm not working in Windsor!) They were in town to see Elvis Costello at the Ottawa Blues Fest. We went to dinner at a local pub that I really need to remember to not go to dinner at... the food is ever so marginal... but the company was great. :D We took the boys who never stop entertaining us...


Happy Lj Anniversary to me...
Yesterday was my Three Year LJ Anniversary. It feels longer... I'm going to get all deep and introspective about this ...but I'll save that for another post.
One thing though... I have to say Thank You... not only to Brad and Lj crew for making this possible... but also to you guys... what an amazing lot you guys are. :D
... and thank you Shann... for your very kind words.



~ just remembering my wedding day... after reading someones quizz answers... made me think of our "first song". We had a very story-book wedding... kind of an intentional thing in light of the blessed but non-traditional weddings both our parents had been subjected to so far... elopements, two outdoor weddings, far far away weddings... any ways... ours was all about things like the cute church, and the tiny little girls in attendance that thought Suzanne was a princess. Our first song was "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin.

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~ I fell asleep on Geos bed when I put him to sleep... I'm a good example of weekend wear-out right now. A little geeky-ness and then bed... while z watches the second half of "Gangs of New York"... (er, then I have to return the disks... like... in 15 minutes... ) eak.