July 2nd, 2003


Morning... :D


ok ok ... a somewhat more normal (if that word actually applies to me) morning picture [ :: is here. :: ]
(that's the one that ends up on the webpage)

I'm so totally jazzed about it being Wednesday... I got up today and started to snap a monday morning picture before I left for work... then boom! I remembered. :D grin... as I left the house I took a quick scan... kiss z on her sleeping cheek... regard my little Georgie as he snuggles his mom... and tip toe in to see Edward curled in his standard but very odd ball in the center of his bed... a sunbeam splashing across his tucked legs from a crack in the curtains. My home is a peaceful and happy place. Life could be better I suppose... but I can't really imagine how. :D

~ red ftls... yup you heard it right... red. [ :: cheesy proof :: ]
~ dk beige dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ a bit of a grin... I mean, it's wednesday... the weeks half over. :D
~ project number one team meeting at 9:30
~ I'm being bid out on a two month engagement with people that work in a strange and secure world... I have to read about it today.
~ project stuff... basically chasing subordinate tasks around a ms project file until they fit... then doing them.
~ project team meeting.
~ finish the cam page (or "Now") component of my [ :: moms web site ::]
~ that my tired, slightly stressed, and adorable friend, ladyfire has a good day ... and gets a little more into the groove of the new job.
~ to send some warm friendly type vibes over to girleegrrl... some for her little muffin and the "first filling" and more for grans... it's a very difficult process... I know sugar.
~ hmm... wishing that things are ok for a long lost friend, geekgrrrl... I hope all is well Tess with the little ones and with Dev... :)

Do you know wolfiegirl??? You prol'y do... I mean...she's a bit of an icon. She's on a talk radio show every week... she writes... she sings (no really) she knits like all get out, she is a remarkable wife and a loving, considerate mom. You get all that within minutes of looking at her journal. She also used to serve in the US Military! I think she operated a flame thrower or sumthin... (lol). Nikki the Garden Girl is more... very simply stated... she is "more". And thanks to her spending so much time and energy pursuing her personal goals... there's a whole lot less of her lately (as she gets gorgeous squeeking into the cutest jean shorts and threatens to get her navel pierced... - dare ya!!). She has managed to be a consistent part of what keeps me so happy to have found the friendships and stories of Lj. She's never ever failed to bring kindness to my world when it was most needed. I know I get a little 12 step like about why I love it here... yeah... well... so? hahaha... I get to be friends with women like Nikki... I will die one day, and I will have lived a fortunate and amazing life. People like Nikki help me have great confidence in that...

Gotta jet... see ya all soon. :D
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