July 1st, 2003



(warm coffee cup against slightly sleep face... GOOOOOOOD!)

Well it's Canada Day... that means nothing is open, people (*young people) will drink to excess and there will be traffic congestion downtow. Where will I be? At the theater watching Findiing Nemo, BBQ'ing something yummi, and going to the local - awsome - firework display. :D I had my fair share of Parliament Hill parties when I was a wee bit younger... in face, I have fond memories of going with Z... ooo... in factoid... I went to Canada Day at the Hill to party with a small group and met this lil'chickee and tried to hit on her... and she turned out to be Z's roommate... all this about a month before Z and I started dating... :D (um... I did a lousy job of hitting on her... I couldn't get past the notion that her name was Gigit (or however you spell that). (snicker).

~ whatever I found when I stumbled into the closet at 9:00 when the boys dragged me out of bed...
~ I think it's orange... but my colour senses have not really turned on yet. :D
~ well, we've already baked carrot muffins
~ we've played Super Mario
~ I've read the paper...
~ Time for a shower...
~ then a day of leisure (sp?) with the family. :D
~ just wishing something comforting and warm would wrap itself around chrissmari and return her world to a place of calm
~ for nbbmom to sleep the sleep of the loved... because she is... loved that is...
~ I could see my friend kimberly27616 again soon... I wanna be able to hold her hand n'stuff...
~ that I hear from my burbank treasure (kristylicious) soon...
~ to point out that frostbyte is way cool... and that's not even a goof on his "frosty" name... :D
~ and that all is well for amyaustin with her new little lilly... (and for ten with her little mary, and for ly with her little mariana....) hmmm lot's of baby girls lately. :D

Hey... so I've been working on a mini project in the garage.. ripping down the old work bench... then putting it up again (don't ask) ... the goal? To make it smaller (z's request) and to organize stuff better... hence a peg board. This was fun... right up until I started trying to Tim The Tool Man it... I stopped that before it got out of hand (wanted sliding layers of peg board but got a bit frustrated with that...).

The Old Look Of the Work Bench!!

The New Look Of the Work Bench!!!!!!

[ :: and a 400 k animated gif of getting from the Old to the New! :: ]

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put a kick plate on the door to the garage.
noticed small sticking action on door - predating the kick plate
looked closer at problem.
~ out of nowhere.
big expensive, metal sheethed door to garage?
exceptionally phuquedupwithbentsharpmetalwontclosenow problems.

On a lighter note... t-minus 10 minutes till we leave to go see Nemo :D

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mmk... next stop... fireworks with the boys.
A heady time... Edward dislikes very loud noises but cannot possibly pass up a chance to see things explode.
Geo? Big giant explosions with huge noises... a happy little man.

Finding Nemo... bwaahahahaha... that was great.

I loved the sea gulls... and, I swear, I thought they were saying "Mike"... so much so that I was looking forward to finding out what the inside joke was about "mike"... As I explaine this to Z in the car... she and the boys all looked at me like I had a moldy tomatoe for a head... Now I see that they were saying "Mine... mine mine mine mine mine". Oh well... I was having fun with thinking they were saying Mike. :D

Ok... see ya in a while. :)

(oh and great big Ug... tomorrow... back to work.)