June 30th, 2003



I feel like I've been away for ages... and it's only been a couple of days... Last time I saw lj was saturday morning. :D busy busy corto.
I ripped my work bench apart in the garage... rebuilding with peg board goodness... its up but it needs plenty of work. Hence, my "planning" continues to involve the garage. :D

~ gray ftls... (today's the day!!)
~ ripped jeans...
~ 3WV tshirt...
~ camping shopping... starts in my parents basement. :D
~ go buy pegs... (pegs for a peg board)
~ planning camping trip
~ working some more on the Giant Project in the garage... pictures to come.
~ not a whole shit lot more... because I'm on holiday today and loving it
~ I could upload my friends pages directly into my brain... man, miss a couple of days... miss a lot!
~ I understood how to beat my own psychotic self at the game of "lets break a habit"... my foot is fucking sore and I'm an idiot.
~ to send out some warm, happy, friendly vibes to gravity and then more to dinkydo... just 'cause.

One of my neices turns 18 tomorrow. She was just accepted to Acadia University for the Fall... When Suzanne and I met... we dated and fooled around and had fun ... then she took to meet her parents... On the day I met her folks, I met Sarah. She was having her first birthday. I helped her walk in her little leg-bowing diapers and tickled her toes and made lots of cooo'ing noises at her. She is the time reference for everything in my relationship with Suzannes family. She is 18!!! She was showing me pictures she took of her and her friends at their HS Graduation party last night... I actually had to work at not getting visiably choked up. no really.
[ :: Here is a picture of sweet Sarah... :: ] she's really a very precious young woman... that's her on the left.

[ :: This is a little picture of Sarah, her mom (z's sister) and her Dad, Hugh :: ] They have two other, younger, daughters. They (the parents) have been so wildly successful in the raising of their daughters that it simply floors me. They are remarkable people... and their girls are simply amazing.

Anyways... I've plenty to do and so little time to do it... I gotta fly.

I hope you all have a great Monday... :D


ok... bedtime rituals are done... finally a few hours to myself.

This has, so far, been one hulluva non-stop weekend. gah!!!! no really GAH!

Alrighti then... time to make fresh coffee... find that freak of an admiral and then get my ass in front of photoshop and start fidgeting with my moms web site.

oh, and one thing... Do you know crushdmb??? She is a sweet girl... but most of all ... she's a great person who has been a friend here for a long long time. I count myself lucky to know her... let alone have her return the favour of her friendship. And that's what friendship is... something earned and and something returned... like a precious gift.

ok...nuf said. See ya in a bit. :D