June 28th, 2003



~ gray ftls
~ blue shorts
~ blue p-z T shirt
~ to beat the heat...
~ I had a chance to read my friends pages... :)

Garage Sale Instanity abounds... see ya...

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Well the garage sale went well... made a hundred bucks off stuff that was otherwise destined for the trash... go figure.

Staples (business depot) is renovating and my dad noticed a bunch of large peg boards in their trash. A neighbor and I zipped over and grabbed 'em. Seriously... 6 x 6 perfect condition peg boards. Hence I am now incensed with a giant garage project to rebuild the work bench area with the peg boards on the wall. :D

mmk... gotta go get busy...

Tonight is date night... kids go to my units house at dinner time while Z and I head out for a night of debauched fun. :D

see ya.