June 27th, 2003



Yeah, so sometimes I am well reminded of how fucked up people are... or perhaps, more dramatically, how fucked up people assume other people are. I know the net is ripe with fruit from the tree of complete and utter tards, but maybe I'm just fortunate... cause I don't get 'em ... at least not often 'nuf to pay any attention. Ok, "what is he on about?" is prol'y running around in yer head... I understand. :D So [ :: click here :: ] to go to a chrystler films institute mini net movie called "The Parlor" ... I got the link from chirssmari yesterday... It's funny... but it's disturbing in all the right ways. It makes me wanna remind you that when you come here... to my journal... you find me. There is simply no conceivable percentage in playing yourself as someone your not in life, let alone on the net. Maybe this is one of the as-yet unrevealed mental motivations for having a cam... I sell it pretty hard, the notion that "this is me, my life and dig it or not, I'm just going to keep on putting it out there." Maybe the cam is a way of giving some proof... you know, that I'm not, for example, a WOPA (Wife Of a Professional Athelete) that cannot drive her Suburban worth shit (er... ok, ignore that if you don't "do" amazing race). Bottom line... I'm a lot of things... and easily half of 'em suck, but this is the real deal. Dig? Yeah, all that from a 3 minute movie that made me laugh outloud at "beth". :D

~ gray ftsl... i know i know...
~ blue jeans... [ :: hipster dofus friday picture :: ]
~ STRONG BAD tee shirt... black... and with plenty of abs... all kinds of abs...
~ silky-cotton shirt... kinda hanging open and feeling very friday like. :D
~ ug... goofy busy day ahead..
~ review templates for massive deployment of HP OVO agents
~ write about Amazing Race from last night...
~ try to relax... and settle into A FOUR DAY WEEKEND COMING UP... :D (does a little dance)
~ first and foremost... to thank my wonderful friend Kim... kimberly27616 for the Strong Bad T shirt....
~ that my pal indigobluejelly (that's a finger full of letters btw) finds her camera...
~ to point out that pixiecup is sweet like a bowl of sugar... and her main squeeze... The Nate is pretty cool too! :D
~ just a few warm happy wishes for a sweet friend that has ... well, kinda got a whole bunch taller lately... from an emotional level at least... Have a great weekend bondas.
~ and a few more vibes over to a far away friend... as she walks through some good times... it's all about loving what you're doing notcharming.
~ wishing? well, "hoping" is a better word... that things are ok with your sister gravity...

yeah... ok, I'm outti... must go find my shadow and get busy. See ya 'round lunch. :D :D

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yeah... well I keep muttering unitelligable things and then saying TROGDOR rather loudly...

Besides being unbelievably tired today... it's a nice day in the neighborhood.
just thought I'd share.