June 26th, 2003


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Day one of his summer vacation and George is up early ... gotta beat some sense into him later. :D

Yeah, so Random Act of Kindness yesterday... came into play at Geo's soccer game. About 15 minutes into the game, the coaches wife appears on the park horizon, carrying two of those gotta-have-em foldup canvas chairs that stretch down the lines of soccer fields everywhere, a small cooler and her daughter that can clearly walk, but apparently not fast enough for mom. Did I mention it was a hot evening? Now this is not serious pay-it-forward kinda stuff but the day was wearing on and I had nothing (and I'm not counting letting some goof in on the highway) ... So off I go to offer up me-big-manly-gifts-of-load-bearing-shoulders*. I get to where she is and in her huff and puff voice she ... get this... demures. "I can handle it..." I smiled and said mmmk. I wanted to push her off her feet and steal the cold drinks in her cooler.... er.. ok, I didn't really... It flashed as a rediculously funny view for the gang watching from the chair zone had I done that... ar ar ... ok I'll stop... she's a great woman, with cute kids... however people that take it all on, usually do so to the point of personal unhappiness and in the end, they have no one to blame but themselves. Wohoo... deep thoughts and philosophy from a defered act of kindness... go figure. :D

~ gray ftls... (and, yeah, I gotta get me some blues, purples, reds... need colour in ma pants...)
~ dk blue dockers
~ golf shirt...
~ more project geek land.
~ answer a bunch of questions... (:D :D :D)
~ enjoy The Amazing Race tonight...
~ more web site stuff... gotta get this done before the weekend hits... of course, starting at 11:00 at night isn't really helping.... :D
~ to send out a OMG how freaking adorable is that? wish out to webkin... thank you lil'sugar-Ellen... you have a lovely voice and a melt my heart accent.
~ to shoot a little clap on the back to Sir Ernie Piquesalot, the inventor of the modern thong undergarmet... he's soon going to replace Billy Kamelle-Thetoe (inventor of spandex) as my hero.
~ oh and some good health vibes to my pal indianasweetie (who's lj name I just spelled properly, I'll have you know).
~ that debby gets a break... (it's coming sugar... I promise... you'll get there... :D)

A birthday catch-up moment
June 24
alfabettezoupe... Happy Birthday Sara... (sarah?) I'm sorry I missed this... I am very appreciative of our friendship here. I do hope you had a great birthday... and, indeed, have a wonderful year. As each year passes in your life you become more distant from the moments that haunted a younger spirit. I sincerily hope that this year brings you ever closer to the deeply felt comfort of love that wraps your heart and carries you into the rest of your life.
thomask - Tom Tom the almost dancing machine... ok, no.... sorry.. :D Happy Birthday brother. You've had one hell of a year to put behind you and I hope you do just that. May this next year be a year of achievement in the quest to understand what's going on with you and great accomplishment in living the life you have to the very fullest. You are a treasured friend here bro and I hope we are able to keep contact for many years to come.
xaheras AHHHH I missed the Egg Girls birthday... Happy Birthday Beth... i cannot possibly wish eloquently enough or bold enough to capture the depth of my hopes for you and this next year. You have been a simply wonderful lj friend for a long time and the pleasure of this friendship has been all mine! May you have a great year ahead... and I hope that you and your main squeeze, Robb, find all kinds of exciting corners to 'round together.

June 26 (oooo looky... today!)
Happy Birthday Elizabeth... izzicam... I do hope that you reach goals and find places that continue to insipire you this year sugar-izz. You are a rare and remarkable young woman and I very seriously hope that you find this next year to be a time marked by great personal discoveries and achievement. From all that you have been up to and the way your creative spirit continues to express itself... I have no doubt whatsoever that you will have a wonderful year. Be safe, welcome love, and keep a nice big stick by the front door. Have a great day and a great year sugar.

* dude... get the joke ok... if you've met me... you know this is a sarcastic description of my dimuitive self. :D

LJ Team Time Bomb Update

gah ... I almost forgot...

Amy had her baby...

amyaustin had her baby on June 23rd at 6:19pm.
Her name is Lily and she was (is) a tiny little nugget of sugar... weighing 6lbs, 15 oz.
Mommy and daddy are doing well, gasping for breath as parenthood jumps out of the cupboard and changes everything... :D
oh and she was 19 3/4 inches long.

*** Congratulations Amy
~ may you find all the chances possible to nap and I know I speak for all of your friends when I hope for Lily's continued good health and your families happiness... :D

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Ok today is about over... well the work day.

I'm become end-of-day sleepy... hate that. Of course, the drive home... no car a/c and plenty of traffic will... um wake me up, or kill me.

Next stop? bbq corn, rainbow trout and a leisurely dinner.
Tonght? Gonna watch clowns, fags, boob jobs, virgins and, of course, da wives of professional athaleeets duke it out... yuppers... it's Amazing Race night. :D

Tomorrow is already accounted for... it's a day from hell... I've a shadow for the day, part of the HP OV project and, of course, it's friday, hence ... everything will go wrong. blech.

See ya tonight. :D